263 Countries and Territories in 263 Days

24 January 2022


Tawau Airport (WBKW/TWU)


A journey of 263 days has now come to an end. It’s been a journey that’s nothing short of wonderful, one where I’ve climbed the ranks, seen the community of Infinite Flight from multiple angles, and at last, can say that I am one of few, if any, controllers that have controlled around the world.

My journey in IFATC began exactly a year ago, when I passed my local practical test with my recruiter, Jamal, being the person who set this all in motion. Since then, I’ve gotten a hang of controlling local, as well as underwent training to become radar certified. Not too long after that, I was offered the role of being a trainer. Needless to say, my climb was quick and ruthless, but the lessons I’ve learnt along the way has gone a long way to shaping me into the controller that I am today.

I want to quickly round off this post by saying that this was something I never expected to finish. In all honesty, I thought I would have made it 50 countries in and called it quits, yet here I am, probably subconsciously controlling daily until today came. It certainly does feel good finishing up something I never thought I’d finish.

The journey ends in Tawau. A town located on the southeastern tip of Sabah, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. This town is the place I consider home, a town sitting opposite of Indonesia. Just an hour drive away, the most beautiful oceans and diving spots one could imagine. It may not be the richest or the most appealing town to be in, but it’s a town that I get a feeling like none other.

I thought I’d tell the world a bit about myself, perhaps it seems like this airport has garnered quite a bit of attention, nonetheless, when given the opportunity to explore the island of Borneo, please, never pass up the opportunity.

If there’s anything I have to say, it’s that I’m glad to call this my true home. One day, I’ll return.


263 Country and Territories Controlled



Congratulations! 🎉

Congrats Wizrak!

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Amazing! Congratulations🎉🎊

Cheng, I’ve only been with you for 68 of these days but it has felt like the full 263. I admire your commitment and drive toward completing this goal.

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I’ve talked to you every one of these 263 days and I commend your dedication to the work you’ve put in each day. Well done… or something like that.



Congratulations mate, what a wonderful achievement!

Congratulations! What an incredible achievement!

Such a remarkable accomplishment, a Beacon of inspiration. Your dedication to this journey left me dumbfounded as I saw you day in day out…rain or shine doing your thing! I’m glad to have stop by when I could… BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!🎉🎉…waiting on 365 days after your break @LordWizrak 😉😂😂👍👍

I’m never taking a break, just constantly working away in the background. See you on my frequency soon!


Awesome, see you soon.👍

A bit late, but conrgrats!