263 Countries and Territories in 263 Days

21 July 2021


Osvaldo Vieira International Airport (GGOV/OXB)


To those who knows about the flag of Guinea-Bissau and the flag of Ghana, you would realise that there is a striking similarity between the two. You may be surprised to find that this is intentional, with the struggle that the Ghanaians had to go through to earn their freedom, it was the main driving force for Guinea-Bissau’s liberation.

76 Country and Territories Controlled, 187 Uncontrolled, 187 days to go


22 July 2021


Banjul International Airport (GBYD/BJL)


Visiting the smallest non island country in the world, Gambia stretched about 500 kilometers inland, as well as about 30 to 40 kilometers wide on either side. However, despite its smallest size, it has one of the most dense population density in Africa. With the country mainly being formed around the river, most of the population live in rural villages along the river.

77 Country and Territories Controlled, 186 Uncontrolled, 186 days to go


23 July 2021


Roland Garros Airport (FMEE/RUN)


Réunion is an island to the east of Madagascar and west of Mauritius. Being a part of France, it also makes it a part of the EU, and therefore, is open to free travel to citizens of the European Union. However, with over 800 thousand people populating the island, about the same as those living on Mauritius; a country much larger neighbouring Réunion.

78 Country and Territories Controlled, 185 Uncontrolled, 185 days to go


24 July 2021


Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (FIMP/MRU)


Neighbouring the island of Réunion, Mauritius is often seen as a country that is looking to diversify its economy, in an effort to reduce reliance on its natural resources. With expansions in the last decade in the financial service sector, they are now looking to be a more popular destination for those looking for tax avoidance, as well as countries to set up shell companies in. Not only that, but relevant to the aviation and shipping industry, they are often seen as a viable country for registration as taxes are reduced compared to other countries.

79 Country and Territories Controlled, 184 Uncontrolled, 184 days to go


25 July 2021


Seychelles International Airport (FSIA/SEZ)


Being a remote island in the western Indian Ocean, the Seychelles was once an island which was used as a hideout for pirates, where their treasures and steals were kept. Also on the island, is the smallest capital city in the world. Being small enough that you could easily walk around it within a day. Nonetheless, the island has since been the home to plenty of shell companies, as it imposes no taxes on corporations who do not do business within the territories of the country.

80 Country and Territories Controlled, 183 Uncontrolled, 183 days to go


26 July 2021


Ivato International Airport (FMMI/TNR)


To the fourth largest island in the world, and one that took humans over 300,000 years to discover. Not only that, but given that humans were thought to have originated from the African continent, it comes as a surprise that the island was not discovered any sooner. Regardless, the large population places it ahead of countries such as Sri Lanka and Australia. Despite that, it unfortunately has been rated as one of the more unhappy places to be in the world, ranking the 14th least happy country in the world.

81 Country and Territories Controlled, 182 Uncontrolled, 182 days to go


27 July 2021


Curaçao International Airport (TNCC/CUR)


Curaçao, being a constituent country of the Netherlands, takes plenty of queues from the Netherlands itself. Seen very clearly with its architecture, it looks like it was taken straight from the Netherlands. Apart from that, Curaçao is also best known for the Blue Curaçao drink, which is flavoured with a bitter orange laraha peel, which is commonly found on the island itself.

82 Country and Territories Controlled, 181 Uncontrolled, 181 days to go


28 July 2021


Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport (FMCZ/DMA)


Mayotte comprises two of the southernmost islands of the Comoros archipelago. It lies on a volcanic range which forms violent hills and steep ridges along the coastline. Alongside that, the economy relies on the farming of cash crops like vanilla pods, coffee beans and coconuts, while the service sector makes up the remainder of the economy. Common exports includes farmed fishes and cash crops, while imports are comprised of food products, as well as machinery and chemicals.

83 Country and Territories Controlled, 180 Uncontrolled, 180 days to go


29 July 2021


Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport (FMCH/HAH)


Sitting on the northwestern end of the Comoros archipelago, Comoros is an island formed by a volcanic range. Despite sharing the same archipelago as Mayotte, Comoros has repeatedly laid claim to the island as a part of it’s country. Although change is unlikely, as becoming a part of Comoros requires the support of the people, they maintain a friendly relation with France who considers Mayotte a region of France.

84 Country and Territories Controlled, 179 Uncontrolled, 179 days to go


30 July 2021


Adelaide Airport (YPAD/ADL)


Australia is often one of the most favoured countries in the world to visit. Having personally been to Australia a handful of times, as well as having bought plenty of wine in Australia, I can safely say that they have some of the best wine anybody could buy. Not to mention, being a produced of over a trillion bottles of wine every year, Australia’s wine industry places it well in the top 10 largest wine producing countries in the world.

85 Country and Territories Controlled, 178 Uncontrolled, 178 days to go


31 July 2021

Cape Verde

Amílcar Cabral International Airport (GVAC/SID)


Cape Verde lies off the western coast of Senegal, filled with volcanoes, known for its warm and tropical climate, as well as the rich culture and cuisine which the island is perhaps most famous for. Having been influenced by the Portuguese in time’s past, Cape Verde has recently been progressing at a rate that is considered unseen. With Barack Obama describing the island nation as a real success story, as well as professing his love for the island.

86 Country and Territories Controlled, 177 Uncontrolled, 177 days to go


1 August 2021


Blaise Diagne International Airport (GOBD/DSSS)


Senegal is perhaps known to be the finishing point for the prestigious Dakar Rally, which as a motorsports fan, is an event filled with races from bikes, to cars, to trucks and everything in between. It’s no wonder that this race is consistently filled with the best drivers in the world, and Senegal as the host nation for this country year after year.

87 Country and Territories Controlled, 176 Uncontrolled, 176 days to go


Very nice scenery in Mauritius, and you will never get bored there, haha. Good luck on your endeavors my man! Hope to see you around sometime at a random airport, lol. :)


2 August 2021


Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport (GQNO/NKC)


After gaining its independence from France in 1960, Mauritania has had plenty of lingering French influence, still heavily using France to this day, and having its education system shaped by the language too. Not to mention, being a newly formed country, its capital, Nouakchott, is one of the newest capitals in the world.

88 Country and Territories Controlled, 175 Uncontrolled, 175 days to go


3 August 2021

Puerto Rico

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (TJSJ/SJU)


Puerto Rico is home to perhaps one of the most famous scientific instrument, that being the Arecibo Telescope at the Arecibo Observatory. One of the most famous research it took part in is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, known as SETI, as well as the telescope from which the Arecibo Message was sent from, aimed at the Messier 13 cluster, 25,000 light years away. Unfortunately, it collapsed in 2020 due to a structural failure, and has since been decommissioned.

89 Country and Territories Controllled, 174 Uncontrollled, 174 days to go


4 August 2021

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Hassan I Airport (GMML/EUN)


Although it’s status as a sovereign state is often disputed by forces within the territory, as well as the neighbouring country of Morocco, the UN recognises it as a “non-self-governing territory”, and many countries are split on recognising it as a territory that has claims of differing powers on it. Nonetheless, recent tensions has led to many countries freezing their support for the nation, and with the United Nation’s stance of wanting the conflict to be solved by self-determination, perhaps we might be here for longer than we hope for.

90 Country and Territories Controlled, 173 Uncontrolled, 173 days to go


5 August 2021


Casablanca Mohammed airport (GMMN/CMN)


When people think of Morocco, its perhaps most well known for sand dunes that run for hundreds of kilometers. Being one of the largest tourist destinations for those willing to ride a camel through the desert, or maybe have some high octane excitement through the use of dune buggies or ATVs, Morocco has managed to turn the desolate desert into a world famous tourist attractions. Meanwhile for those wishing to visit the city, historical monuments line every corner, ensuring that your visit is never not enjoyable.

91 Country and Territories Controlled, 172 Uncontrolled, 172 days to go


6 August 2021


Houari Boumediene Airport (DAAG/ALG)


When thinking of North African countries that line the Mediterranean Ocean, Algeria is hard to ignore. Geographically, it played host to plenty of settlers, from the Roman Empire in the formative years of the country, through to the Umayyad Conquest which brought with it the religion of Islam. However, more commonly known for in recently times, Spain and France has always had a major presence, with Spain having multiple enclaves within the country, as well as France once being the colonisers to the nation. Since the brutally fought Algerian War of Independence, the presence of the French has been drastically reduced, although remnants of France such as the use of French, continues to be a part of the daily Algerian life.

92 Country and Territories Controlled, 171 Uncontrolled, 171 days to go


7 August 2021


Modibo Keita International Airport (GABS/BKO)


Mali is the largest country in Western Africa, with a size that is about twice as large as the state of Texas. However, as large as the country is, most of the country’s population could be found around the Niger River, which the capital of Mali, Bamako, also lies on. Despite the large nation and access to waterways, the country is still one of the poorest in the world, with over 70% of the population living under the poverty line. While this is the case in the present day, Mali is often seen as the settling site of many Islamic traders in the middle ages, easily being the most successful traders at the time of their rule in the region.

93 Country and Territories Controlled, 170 Uncontrolled, 170 days to go


8 August 2021

Burkina Faso

Bobo Dioulasso Airport (DFOO/BOY)


Not as well known as many other African countries, Burkina Faso is often forgotten due to it’s relatively small size, as well as its limited natural resources which has historically hindered their economic development. However, being the leading nation when it comes to arts and craft, and is the largest market for craftworks in Africa.

94 Country and Territories Controlled, 169 Uncontrolled, 169 days to go