263 Countries and Territories in 263 Days

3 July 2021

Equatorial Guinea

Bata Airport (FGBT/BSG)


Equatorial Guinea is perhaps one of the smallest countries on the African continent, consisting of the mainland, as well as 5 inhabited islands off the Cameroonian coastline. Equatorial Guinea was previously ravaged by large scale destruction of the institutions of the countries by their previous president, before being ousted by his own nephew in a coup. Since then, they have been on a slow but steady economic growth after the discovery of a large oil reserve off the coast of the country.

58 Country and Territories Controlled, 205 Uncontrolled, 205 days to go


4 July 2021

São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé International Airport (FPST/TMS)


São Tomé and Príncipe is an island nation to the west of the Equatorial Guinea coast, and consists of two main rocky islands. Having had many Portuguese influences in its history, it was utilised by colonisers as an island to grow cash crops such as coffee and cocoa due to its fertile soil as a result of being near a volcano. Since then, it has been a holiday destination for many Portuguese and Europeans, who are also some of the key trade partners, making up the majority of both its import and export trade.

59 Country and Territories Controlled, 204 Uncontrolled, 204 days to go


5 July 2021

United States of America

Long Beach Airport (KLGB/LGB)


When discussing the US, there really isn’t a place to start. In all honesty, it’s an interesting place to be in, geographically and demographically. Given the large nature of the US, the number of attractions is just too big to list out, and the best way to really soak in what the US has to offer is really to go there and find out yourself. Personally, I wouldn’t mind going back and visiting the US, potentially even being a place that I would do to further my studies.

60 Country and Territories Controlled, 203 Uncontrolled, 203 days to go


6 July 2021


Toussaint Louverture International Airport (MTPP/PAP)


Putting aside the negative connotations Haiti has come to be known in recent times, the country is geographically and culturally enriched by its influences of the past and of the present. While earthquake shakes the surface of Haiti, millions of years has brought with it some of the best mountains, as well as mountains in the Caribbean. Not exactly something you’d think of. Not to mention, the influence of the Spanish, Portuguese as well as the native Taino and African ethnic groups bring with it plenty of exotic culture that has been able to amalgamate through the years.

61 Country and Territories Controlled, 202 Uncontrolled, 202 days to go


7 July 2021


Douala International Airport (FKKD/DLA)


Cameroon lays on the western coast of the Central African region. Given that it extends from the coast to the central region of the continent, you’ll find that there are plenty of different biomes, from thick forests and jungles through to deserts. Not to mention, the government has allocated plenty of land as protected land, so if you’re looking for protected species of flora and fauna, it’s hardly a bad place to go to.

62 Country and Territories Controlled, 201 Uncontrolled, 201 days to go


8 July 2021


Murtala Muhammed International Airport (DNMM/LOS)


Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy, and being the seventh most populous country in the world, it’s no wonder Nigeria has been able to sustain a large economy. Not only that, but Nigeria has a very diverse economy, ranging from agricultural to petroleum industries.

63 Country and Territories Controlled, 200 Uncontrolled, 200 days to go


9 July 2021


Jorge Chávez International Airport (SPJC/LIM)


Peru is thought to be the home to the oldest known site where humans once occupied. Not only that, but this historic country is perhaps most well known for being the country where the Incas once lived. Having also created sites such as Machu Picchu, the Incan civilisation was definitely advanced for its time.

64 Country and Territories Controlled, 199 Uncontrolled, 199 days to go


10 July 2021

French Polynesia

Faa’a International Airport (NTAA/PPT)


Very well known as a remote country with beautiful islands and coastlines, French Polynesia is becoming a popular destination for people who love to engage in water sports such as water kitesurfing, rowing and diving. Of the 100 or so islands that makes up the French Polynesia, Faa’a plays the largest significance, being one of the population centers, as well as where all administrative activities take place.

65 Country and Territories Controlled, 198 Uncontrolled, 198 days to go


11 July 2021


Cadjehoun Airport (DBBB/COO)


Benin, a rather odd looking country, is a narrow country that extends north for about 670 kilometers. It borders Nigeria and Niger to the east, and Burkina Faso and Togo to the west. The population is perhaps one of the most diverse on the continent, with no less than 8 distinct ethnic groups living in the country. French is also the primary language in the country due to their historic presence in the colonial era.

66 Country and Territories Controlled, 197 Uncontrolled, 197 days to go


12 July 2021

Togolese Republic

Lomé–Tokoin International Airport (DXXX/LFW)


Togo, like the countries in its immediate surrounding, a previous colony of a European country. In this case, once a French colony. And like countries in its immediate surrounding, their economy relies heavily on natural resources such as oil and gas, gold, cotton and the export of cacao beans.

67 Country and Territories Controlled, 196 Uncontrolled, 196 days to go


13 July 2021

Dominican Republic

Punta Cana International Airport (MDPC/PUJ)


The Dominican Republic lays to the east of Haiti, sharing the same island; one of two islands which have two countries, the other being France and the Netherlands with Saint Martin and Sint Maarten sharing the same island. Not to mention, the Dominican Republic is well known for their famous cigars, as well as the lack of hurricanes which is unusual for the region.

68 Country and Territories Controlled, 195 Uncontrolled, 195 days to go


14 July 2021


Kotoka International Airport (DGAA/ACC)


Ghana is perhaps one of the most well known countries on the continent to have a culture that’s a fusion of European and African influences, and at the same time, preserving traditions to this very day. Nonetheless, in recent times, Ghana has been most well known for their exotic funerals, spreading worldwide with the fame for the coffin dancers becoming something of an internet culture.

69 Country and Territories Controlled, 194 Uncontrolled, 194 days to go


15 July 2021

Côte d’Ivoire

Félix-Houphouët-Boigny International Airport (DIAP/ABJ)


Côte d’Ivoire, as the name suggests, is a country that has made a name for itself from the Ivory trade. Having since been made illegal, the name does serve as a reminder of the trade that ravaged animals of the region, as well as the cruelty that had seen the animals go through. Nonetheless, having since modernised their economy, cocoa beans has since taken over as their largest trade export.

70 Country and Territories Controlled, 193 Uncontrolled, 193 days to go


16 July 2021


Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (OIIE/IKA)


At the heart of the once region conquering Persian Empire, Iran stands as one of the largest countries in the region, as well as the influence it has on other countries in the region. To the north, it borders countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan, and towards the south, lines the coast of the Persian Gulf, and it only goes to show how large Iran really is. Not to mention, the various cultures and ethnic groups that co-exist within Iran makes it one of the most unique countries in the region.

71 Country and Territories Controlled, 192 Uncontrolled, 192 days to go


17 July 2021


Roberts International Airport (GLRB/ROB)


With one of the most well known Liberian being George Weah, a footballer who made a name for himself at clubs like AC Milan and Monaco, and now the 25h President of Liberia, it comes as no surprise that he has made an impact in his country through sports and politics, as well as his humanitarian aid for Liberia having since been a war-torn country, as well as having been through the Ebola epidemic and Covid-19 pandemic.

72 Country and Territories Controlled, 191 Uncontrolled, 191 days to go


18 July 2021

Sierra Leone

Lungi International Airport (GFLL/FNA)


Sierra Leone owes it name to the Portuguese explorer, Pedro di Sintra, who named the place Serra Lyoa which means “Lion Mountains” in Portuguese. The country actively engages in the agriculture and mining industry, which was since focused on since the end a civil conflict. While also lying on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone boasts one of the largest natural harbours in the world.

73 Country and Territories Controlled, 190 Uncontrolled, 190 days to go


19 July 2021

Republlic of Guinea

Conakry International Airport (GUCY/CKY)


The Republic of Guinea, like many countries in its vicinity, has recently experienced plenty of unrest in recent years. However, since the early 21st century, it has experienced plenty of progress in aspects such as increased life expectancy as well as a steadily growing economy. Despite plenty of issues in the country that result from misappropriation of government funding as well as tax evasion, the country is looking to progress as each year passes.

74 Country and Territories Controlled, 189 Uncontrolled, 189 days to go


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