263 Countries and Territories in 263 Days

27 October 2021

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport (YPCC/CCK)


You would be forgiven for thinking that this small island between Sumatra and Australia is seen as insignificant. Though in this day and age it serves less function than before, this airport was an airport that planes stopped at when flying between Australia and South Africa. In addition to this, during the second World War, this airport served as a key base from which the Dutch and British Air Force engaged in the re-invasion of Malaya and Singaporeโ€ฆ

174 Country and Territories Controlled, 89 Uncontrolled, 89 days to go


28 October 2021

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Rumdoodle Skiway (AT21)


To one of two uninhabited islands in the South Indian Ocean. Heard Island and McDonald Islands are under the Australian administration, and while there is no permanent population nor airport, it is a key site at which ecologists study, where it is the only intact sub-antarctic ecosystem where no known species were introduced by humans.

175 Country and Territories Controlled, 88 Uncontrolled, 88 days to go


29 October 2021


Beirutโ€“Rafic Hariri International Airport (OLBA/BEY)


While the country itself has been well known in recent history as a result of civil unrest domestically, the country is also well known for the rich history that it possesses. Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was also well known as the Paris of the East, and was a popular destination for holidaymakers sixties. With prominent presence of the Romans, Ottomans and the Crusaders, ancient artefacts, structures and places are still commonly found within the country.

176 Country and Territories Controlled, 87 Uncontrolled, 87 days to go


30 October 2021

French Southern Antarctic Lands

Oโ€™Higgins Skiway (AT19)


To the second of two islands in the area with no airports, the French Southern Antarctic Lands, like the Heard Islands and McDonald Islands, are research islands near Antarctica, where there is no permanent population, but instead, are inhabited by military personnel, researchers and their support staff.

177 Country and Territories Controlled, 86 Uncontrolled, 86 days to go


Can you save the 18th of November for Italy, specifically Milan? ;)

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31 October 2021

Pitcairn Island

Totegegie Airport (NTGJ/GMR)


Infamous for being so remote, Pitcairn Island has no airport, no regular flight service, and irregular ship service, taking many days to reach this island. Located between French Polynesia and Chile, Pitcairn Island stands with a population under 50, and with the population emigrating from the island, it may soon be possible to see the end of this unique piece of British territorial history.

178 Country and Territories Controlled, 85 Uncontrolled, 85 days to go


1 November 2021


Linate Airport (LIML/LIN)


You could say that this country is one of the most famous around the world. Known for its pasta, pizza, wine, cars and rich and well-displayed history, Italy stands proud with iconic brands selling its Italian culture around the world with brands such as Ferrari, Versace, Prada, Armani and many others. Not to mention as a motorsports fan like myself, classic tracks such as Mugello, Monza, Imola and Misano are the staple of Italian motorsports heritage.

179 Country and Territories Controlled, 84 Uncontrolled, 84 days to go


Well, at least I controlled in Milan.


I guess. thanks anyway!

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2 November 2021


Maurice Bishop International Airport (TGPY/GND)


Underwater sculptures, chocolate estates, lush waterfalls and a large selection of spices could be all be found in the nation of Grenada. This tropical nation has an average temperature of approximately 31 degrees celsius all year long, and doesnโ€™t vary much whatsoever. Nonetheless,

180 Country and Territories Controlled, 83 Uncontrolled, 83 days to go


3 November 2021

Trinidad and Tobago

Piarco International Airport (TTPP/POS)


Trinidad and Tobago lies about 10 kilometres from the Venezuelan shores, and is well known for its natural beauty. Having the worldโ€™s oldest legally protected forest reserve, the worldโ€™s largest asphalt reserve as well as the Trinidad Scorpion, some of the hottest chillies in the world being native to Trinidad and Tobago, there is definitely a lot to see and do on this island.

181 Country and Territories Controlled, 82 Uncontrolled, 82 days to go


4 November 2021


Kangerlussuaq Airport (BGSF/SFJ)


Home to one of the largest ice sheets in the world, second only to Antarctica, and is a part of Europe, given that it is a part of Denmark, although it has its own domestic government. It is also connected to Canada through a submarine ridge, and its closest European neighbour is Iceland, which is farther away than it is to Canada.

182 Country and Territories Controlled, 81 Uncontrolled, 81 days to go


5 November 2021


Dublin Airport (EIDW/DUB)


The Emerald Isle, Ireland is well known for being the country that oversees all traffic in the air in the European half of the transatlantic corridor. Also known for beautiful shores and cliffs despite somewhat miserable weather, Ireland does seem to make up for the horrid weather. And just for good measure, their stout is the best that anyone could find, and I would willingly go to Ireland, just for the stout again.

183 Country and Territories Controlled, 80 Uncontrolled, 80 days to go


6 November 2021


Almaty International Airport (UAAA/ALA)


The wealthiest country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is also the ninth largest country by land area, and is also a major oil and gas producing country in the region. It is also well-known amount space enthusiasts for being the country at which the Baikonur Cosmodrome is located, the launch site for the Soyuz, Proton, Zenit, Tsyklon, Buran and Dnepr rockets.

184 Country and Territories Controlled, 79 Uncontrolled, 79 days to go


7 November 2021


Gibraltar International Airport (LXGB/GIB)


Gibraltar has one of the more interesting layouts, with a very short runway, as well as a public service road going across the runway given that the runway lies more or less across the entire country.

185 Country and Territories Controlled, 78 Uncontrolled, 78 days to go


8 November 2021

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Airport (EGNS/IOM)


First, to correct most people, the Isle of Man is not technically a part of the United Kingdom other territories would usually be considered to be. Although it is a possession of the Crown, which means that it would be possession of the Queen, it is not directly a part of the United Kingdom. Not to mention, this small island is also the host to one of my favourite motorsport event, that being the Isle of Man. Considered to be one of the most dangerous motorsport event in the world, with 260 fatalities in just over a hundred years of its history, and even though itโ€™s notorious for the amount of risk each participant takes, it is only really a dream of mine to watch this event live, in person.

186 Country and Territories Controlled, 77 Uncontrolled, 77 days to go


9 November 2021

Wake Island

Wake Island Airfield (PWAK/AWK)


Currently used by the United States Air Force, Wake Island is a site where tests frequently take place, which may include missile testing, radar systems as well as high altitude area defense system. It is also an exclusive economic zone of the United States of America.

187 Country and Territories Controlled, 76 Uncontrolled, 76 days to go


10 November 2021

Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll (PLPA)


This atoll consists mainly of shallow lagoons and reefs, as well as some reef-rock islets. This atoll plays host to scientists and researchers who go to the island for research purposes. To visit this atoll, permission must also be obtained before being allowed to go, as a result of wanting to maintain the cleanliness of the island for research purposes.

188 Country and Territories Controlled, 75 Uncontrolled, 75 days to go

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11 November 2021

Navassa Island

Antoine-Simon Airport (MTCA/CYA)


Formerly used for Guano mining, this island was really only inhabited by those who were involved with Guano mining, a compound used a lot in the agricultural industries. Today though, this island serves no purpose to the United States or itself at all.

189 Country and Territories Controlled, 74 Uncontrolled, 74 days to go


12 November 2021


Rotterdam The Hague Airport (EHRD/RTM)


Stroopwafels, tulips, canals, windmills and the country that took the land from the seas that were supposed to own it, the Netherlands is one of my favourite countries, and if it werenโ€™t for the language barrier, a country I would be willing to move to. Not to mention, Netherlands could easily put itself on the international stage again this year with Max Verstappen currently leading the F1 championship in the 2021 season, and is the favourite to take the title at this point in time.

190 Country and Territories Controlled, 73 Uncontrolled, 73 days to go