263 Countries and Territories in 263 Days

7 August 2021


Modibo Keita International Airport (GABS/BKO)


Mali is the largest country in Western Africa, with a size that is about twice as large as the state of Texas. However, as large as the country is, most of the country’s population could be found around the Niger River, which the capital of Mali, Bamako, also lies on. Despite the large nation and access to waterways, the country is still one of the poorest in the world, with over 70% of the population living under the poverty line. While this is the case in the present day, Mali is often seen as the settling site of many Islamic traders in the middle ages, easily being the most successful traders at the time of their rule in the region.

93 Country and Territories Controlled, 170 Uncontrolled, 170 days to go


8 August 2021

Burkina Faso

Bobo Dioulasso Airport (DFOO/BOY)


Not as well known as many other African countries, Burkina Faso is often forgotten due to it’s relatively small size, as well as its limited natural resources which has historically hindered their economic development. However, being the leading nation when it comes to arts and craft, and is the largest market for craftworks in Africa.

94 Country and Territories Controlled, 169 Uncontrolled, 169 days to go


9 August 2021


Diori Hamani International Airport (DRRN/NIM)


Despite sitting on one of the world’s largest uranium deposits, Niger is closing it’s uranium mines, citing unprofitability as one of the key reasons. However, since it’s opening in the 1970s, it has gone on to produce over 75,000 tonnes of uranium, being a major source for many power plants, as well as the source for many nuclear researchers to conduct experiments with. Not to mention, having some of the highest quality uranium in the world does mean that they are often sought, although many environmentalists have cited contamination as a big issue within the country itself.

95 Country and Territories Controlled, 168 Uncontrolled, 168 days to go


10 August 2021

United States Virgin Islands

Cyril E. King Airport (TIST/STT)


The US Virgin Islands is often seen as a great holiday destinations for Americans, partly due to the fact that the islands are seen as territory of the United States. However, a unique aspect that this island has as a selling point is that it’s the only part of the United States that has coasts along the Caribbean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention, the United States Virgin Island is the only part of the United States that drives on the left, whereas the rest of the country drives on the right.

96 Country and Territories Controlled, 167 Uncontrolled, 167 days to go


11 August 2021


Tunis–Carthage International Airport (DTTA/TUN)


Tunisia perhaps comes across as a cultural melting pot of gold. Over the years, it has went from the rule of the Ottoman all the way to the rule of the French, and whilst this changes, what didn’t change for many years is the large populations of Jewish and Christians which lived among a Muslim majority nation. Coasting the Mediterranean Sea, and in proximity to Malta and Southern Italy, it’s no secret that the climate there is more than pleasant, with cool temperatures throughout the year.

97 Country and Territories Controlled, 166 Uncontrolled, 166 days to go


12 August 2021


Tripoli International Airport (HLLT/TIP)


Historically, Libya was never a wealthy country, and for many years, was almost entirely dependent on foreign aid and relief. Until the discovery of oil and gas in the country was made, Libya never gained much attention. However, the discovery of oil and gas, as well as the events of the coup d’état brought with it a wrath of new changes, such as a new government, and a new form of leadership. For many years, it was a progressive country making good use of its natural resources, becoming one of the wealthier nations in the region, until it came crumbling down in the first civil war which took place in 2011.

98 Country and Territories Controlled, 165 Uncontrolled, 165 days to go


13 August 2021


Bahrain International Airport (OBBI/BAH)


Bahrain is the third smallest country in Asia, with only Singapore and the Maldives having a smaller landmass than Bahrain. However, this doesn’t stop Bahrain from putting itself on the world’s map. It was the first country in the Middle East to discover its oil reserves and start drilling for it back in 1931. In more recent times, it has played host to F1 races at the Sakhir Circuit which is highly regarded as Track Designer, Hermann Tilke’s best tracks. And to top it all off, Bahrain has the largest underwater dive resort, with a sunken B747-200 as a site for divers to explore.

99 Country and Territories Controlled, 164 Uncontrolled, 164 days to go


14 August 2021


N’Djamena International Airport (FTTJ/NDJ)


Chad is a landlocked country in Africa, with about a third of its area covered by the Sahara Desert. Chad has long been a part of the French Empire, and have been a part of France until 1960. Not to mention, its current flag is also based off the French flag.

100 Country and Territories Controlled, 163 Uncontrolled, 163 days to go


15 August 2021

Central African Republic

Bangui M’Poko International Airport (FEFF/BGF)


Agricultural farming in the Central African Republic accounts for nearly half the economy, as well as taking up close to 80% of the workforce in the country. Besides that, the country relies heavily on its natural resources such as precious metals, diamonds and other metals such as copper and manganese in smaller quantities. Nonetheless, it has also resorted to timber as a source of wealth in recent years, though it comes with no surprise that resistance was met, as diamond mines and timber sourcing comes from an area of high biodiversity.

101 Country and Territories Controlled, 162 Uncontrolled, 162 days to go


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16 August 2021


Cairo International Airport (HECA/CAI)


Egypt is most famous for its ancient Egyptian settlers who were thought to have been one of the earlier civilisations. However, quite like today’s world, Ancient Egyptians were known to have exercised their rights with the use of strikes, and generally had a higher quality of life than expected. Not to mention, the pyramids were not built by slaves, but in fact, built by skilled craftsmen and paid labourers.

102 Country and Territories Controlled, 161 Uncontrolled, 161 days to go


17 August 2021


El Fasher Airport (HSFS/ELF)


Sudan lies south of Egypt, and is in one of the most complicated border disputes where both countries lay claim to the Halaib Triangle, and at the same time, neither countries claim the Bir Tawil Desert. This border dispute occurs mainly as a result of the UK drawing administrative boundaries from when the British were present in Egypt, giving the Halaib Triangle to Egypt, where Sudan lays claims on it to this very day. Nonetheless, what this means is that there is a piece of land, the Bir Tawil Desert, where neither country claims, and has seen people attempt to use that to form a country, though all attempts has failed since.

103 Country and Territories Controlled, 160 Uncontrolled, 160 days to go


18 August 2021

South Sudan

Juba International Airport (HJJJ/JUB)


South Sudan as a country has had a difficult past. Having been invaded by the Ottoman Empire, before it came under rule by the British-Egyptians. Following the exit of British-Egyptian rule in the nation, South Sudan was marked by decades of civil war and violence which has seen only 27 years of peace out of its 65 year history. Nonetheless, the petroleum industry plays a big role in the country, with major players such as Malaysia’s Petronas and China’s CNPC being key companies in the region.

104 Country and Territories Controlled, 159 Uncontrolled, 159 days to go


19 August 2021


Massawa International Airport (HHMS/MSW)


Eritrea lies on the Horn of Africa. It borders Sudan, Djibouti and Ethiopia and has a coast along the Red Sea. With highlands and coastal terrain, the country has highly varied terrain, with a highest point of over 9,500 feet, it’s not an insignificant height given the narrow nature of the country. It is also one of a few countries that were under Italian colonial rule, until its independence was declared in 1961.

105 Country and Territories Controlled, 158 Uncontrolled, 158 days to go


20 August 2021


Santorini (Thira) International Airport (LGSR/JTR)


Greece, home to 18 UNESCO Heritage Sites, 6,000 islands and over 16,000 kilometres of coastline, it sees well over 300 sunny days in a year as well as plenty of holidaymakers looking for sunny and warm weather. Despite all of this, recent times has seen the country suffer from wildfires of a decreasing size, although, they are still not at a controllable size just yet.

106 Country and Territories Controlled, 157 Uncontrolled, 157 days to go


21 August 2021


Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport (HDAM/JIB)


Djibouti is a country that lies on the Horn of Africa, with a coastline that lies on the Gulf of Aden, it’s incredibly strategic when looking for ships that are looking to port and transit as it looks to cross the Suez Canal. Not to mention, it has a diversified economy with natural resources such as gold, granite, limestone and marble, with the potential of extracting geothermal sources of power.

107 Country and Territories Controlled, 156 Uncontrolled, 156 days to go


22 August 2021


Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (HAAB/ADD)


Ethiopia has one of the most varied geography on the African continent. Lowlands are scattered throughout the country, however no large settlement has come about due to temperatures being too high in those regions. However, with the rest of the country at a high altitude of over 10,000 feet in many cases, temperatures become low enough that its habitable and rather comfortable too.

108 Country and Territories Controlled, 155 Uncontrolled, 155 days to go


23 August 2021


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK/NBO)


Kenya is thought to be one of the most successful athletics country in the world. Having won a total of 113 medals in the Olympics, 96 of the 113 came from athletics. Long distance running has long been Kenya’s powerhouse, and this was especially highlighted when Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in under 2 hours at an exhibition event in Vienna, Austria.

109 Country and Territories Controlled, 154 Uncontrolled, 154 days to go


24 August 2021

British Virgin Islands

Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (TUPJ/EIS)


The British Virgin Islands compasses more than 60 islands, from the granite boulder snorkeling sites of the Baths National Park, to North Sound being a major water sports hub in the country, the British Virgin Islands is one of the best places to be if you’re looking for water sports.

110 Country and Territories Controlled, 153 Uncontrolled, 153 days to go


25 August 2021


Hargeisa Airport (HCMH/HGA)


Somalia has the longest coastline of all of Africa, with a distance of over 3,000km. While it coasts the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, one of the most important waterways in the world lies to the north, in the Gulf of Aden. With a significant percentage of trade between Europe and the Asia Pacific region, the Gulf of Aden serves as a passageway to the Suez Canal. Though Somalia has been known to have plenty of pirates in the region looking to take ship crews hostage in return for ransom money, no ships has been taken hostage in the last 4 years though.

111 Country and Territories Controlled, 152 Uncontrolled, 152 days to go