261800ZFEB22 - SAS Virtual Presents - Swedish Capital Fly-out @ESSA | DEPARTED

Welcome to Stockholm.

The capital of Sweden. A nordic pearl in the northern Europe region. We are happy to present the stunning flyout from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, located 40 minutes north from Stockholm City. Arlanda Airport is the third largest airport in Scandinavia, and largest in Sweden, measured by amount of passengers each year.

Event Details:

Server: Expert

Airport: Stockholm Airport Arlanda, Sweden (ESSA/ARN)

ATC : If you would like to control the airport; please send a DM to @Isgrena.

Tower + ATIS: | Ground: | Arrival/ Departure:

Time: Saturday, February 26, 2022, 18:00

Stockholm City

Stockholm Airport Arlanda

Terminal View


Direction Length (m) Lenght (ft) Surface
01L/19R 3,301 10,830 Asphalt
01R/19L 2,500 8,202 Asphalt
08/26 2,500 8,202 Asphalt


Year Passengers
2018 26 847 000
2019 25 643 000
2020 6 535 000
2021 7 495 000

Total flights available:


Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight time Pilot
62 Amsterdam (EHAM) 3D KLM B738 02:10 @KSM_King_Storm
63 Paris (LFPO) Vueling (Aer Lingus) A333 02:45
64 Paris (LFPG) 3D Air France A320 02:40
65 Geneva (LSGG) 3D Easyjet A320 02:45 @Gabriel_Dent
66 Cancún (MMUN) TUI B789 11:25
67 Madrid (LEMD) 3D Iberia A320 03:45
68 Lyon (LFLL) Transavia B738 02:40
Terminal 5 Pier F
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight time Pilot
F28R Bangkok (VTBS) 3D Thai Airways A359 10:45
F31 London (EGLL) 3D SAS A320 02:45 @Mahmoud_Faouri
F32R New York (KEWR) SAS A333 08:30 @Aiden_Hodges
F33L Larnaca (LCLK) 3D Norwegian B738 04:15 @Pilot_Dan1
F35 London (EGLL) 3D British Airways A319 02:45 @CaptainBailey_T
F36R Dubai (OMDB) 3D Emirates B77W 06:25
F39R Miami (KMIA) SAS A359 10:40 @MiglMicheal
Terminal 5 Pier D & E
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight time Pilot
1 Copenhagen (EKCH) 3D SAS A319 01:10 @Abhijit_Sharma
3 Trondheim (ENVA) 3D SAS A320 01:15 @HeggOla
4 Riga (EVRA) 3D Air Baltic A223 01:00 @Niklas3 5
6 Munich (EDDM) 3D SAS A320 02:10 @iHen
7 Frankfurt (EDDF) 3D Lufthansa A319 02:10 @anon5158609
8 Bergen (ENBR) 3D SAS B737 01:20 @cptlogue
9 Oslo (ENGM) SAS B738 00:55
10 Zurich (LSZH) 3D Swiss A223 02:25
11 Helsinki (EFHK) Finnair A321 01:05 @KHAN_SAHAB
12 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) 3D SAS A320 03:40
13 Copenhagen (EKCH) 3D SAS CRJ9 01:10 @THEREALPROPILOT
14 Athens (LGAV) 3D Aegean A320 03:45 @harrytzo
15 Åre, Östersund (ESNZ) SAS A320 01:00 @Andrey_Kotelnikov
16 Madeira (LPMA) 3D SAS A320 05:35 @martins
17 Reykjavik (BIKF) 3D Icelandair B752 03:15
18 Addis Ababa (HAAB) 3D Ethiopian B788 07:30
19 Istanbul (LFTM) 3D Turkish Airlines A321 03:30 @Hendrik2003
20 London Gatwick (EGKK) 3D Norwegian B738 02:35 @NorAviator97
Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight time Pilot
Remote G148 Dublin (EIDW) 3D SAS CRJ9 02:45 @jovictasor
Remote G146 Manchester (EGCC) 3D SAS CRJ9 02:30
Remote G145 Gothenburg (ESGG) SAS CRJ9 01:00
Remote G144 Tallinn (EETN) 3D SAS CRJ9 01:00
Remote G143 Stavanger (ENZV) SAS CRJ9 01:20 @Harrison_EGLL
Remote G142 Edinburgh (EGPH) 3D SAS CRJ9 02:15 @BastianH
T4 Gate 32 Amsterdam (EHAM) 3D Norwegian B738 02:15
T4 Gate 34 Salzburg (LOWS) Norwegian B738 02:10
T4 Gate 36 Malmö (ESMS) Ryanair B738 01:10
T4 Gate 38 London Stansted (EGSS) 3D Ryanair B738 02:20
T4 Gate 40 Innsbruck (LOWI) 3D SAS A320 02:20 @Ado
T4 Gate 32 Barcelona (LEBL) Norwegian B738 03:25
Remote 104 Los Angeles (KLAX) 3D Finnair A359 11:00
Cargo Terminal
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight time Pilot
R6 Istanbul (LTBA) Turkish Airlines Cargo A332(F) 03:15
R8 Seoul (RKSI) 3D Korean Air Cargo B77L(F) 09:05


We are not responsible for any violations given throughout the event

Follow all instructions given by ATC

All SASV pilots receive 2x multiplier for participation

Enjoy the Scandinavian skies!

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On behalf of SAS Virtual Group, we would like to welcome you to Sweden!

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I would like to have this gate please,

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You’re signed up!


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I‘d like this one please.

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Great choice!
Signed up.

Can I request F32R to Newark, my callsign will be Scavandian 119SV?


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You’re signed up.
See you there!

Hello, can I have the flight to Tallinn, my hometown:)

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This one is yours!

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Thank you!

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Can i have the flight to Helsinki Finnair

How do you select A whole box can you please tell me 😅😅

Hello, if you mark the flight you would like, there should appear a message saying “quote”

Also, the flight to Helsinki is yours!

How to mark it? I am new don’t know that much

Mark the text like you mark a text you want to copy. Then, a “quote” should appear.

Can I have this ? :)

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Yes yes Thanks a bunch🤗

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Signed up:)

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@virtualsas Quick question …Do I have to change my call sign for this or can i keep my regular call sign for this…🤗

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You can go by your regular callsign. I would recommend you use the callsign for the aircraft you are using.
E.g Scandinavian 132 if you fly with SAS livery.

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