26 Hours to Remember - AirVenture 2021

EAA Airventure - Oshkosh 2021

Hey, all! After an amazing week of travel for the first time in 18 months, I’m glad to share some of my photos with you all. Throughout the short time that I was there, I met two great community members, had a blast, and managed to capture some stunning moments while there. Spotting adventures with @Balloonchaser and @JarrettFlies were amazing, and we caught some interesting aircraft, all from different locations.

I had such an amazing time, and I look forward to being back next year (hopefully as a volunteer)!

First catch of the day was this 1955 Beech E18S departing for some circles over the lake.

Shortly followed was what I believe was the first airshow performance of the day, an aerial refueling demonstration between a C-130 and two Ospreys.

After a jumpscare from @Balloonchaser, Aeroshell performed their routine, covering the airfield with smoke and producing an air quality alert.

Shortly afterwards was the WWII Pearl Harbor demonstration, the first of the day that included pyrotechnics. Aeroshell’s 3 aircraft can be seen in front of a “bomb” explosion.

After meeting Jarrett and Balloon, we spent some time spotting some of the standard traffic before the ultralight show.

After the sun had set and the STOL competition had begun, some beautiful silhouettes were cast in front of the dusk light.

As the final activity of the evening, the three of us went to the balloon light-up, where the balloons were lit up in anticipation of their supposed “departure” in the morning… more on that to come.

The balloons were scheduled to depart at 6:30AM, but the launch was canceled due to strong winds (4G8KT). As the final shot of the show, I took one of the first departure of the day, a Cub banking to the east.

The event was a total blast, and I 100% recommend that all of you go next year if possible. Though I am a bit disappointed that Infinite Flight was not in attendance, I’m sure next year will be even greater due to the extra time. Thanks @Balloonchaser and @JarrettFlies for making this trip one to remember!

Camera: Nikon D7000

Lenses: Tamron 75-300mm, Nikon DX 18-105mm


sad around the world noises

looks like a desert festival

HUmina huumina get me a ticket…na

Love the pics hope you guys had fun

I am gonna pretend i didnt see this

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So the avgeek liked the place with a lot of planes, crazy

Cool shots, hopefully I can be there next year!

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AWESOME pics!! I was there for two weeks 👀

One week of training/practicing and one week of ops. A lot of people tell me that they’d rather go as a spectator and just chill but honestly I believe I got it better than the “regular” people. I got to flight line marshal, find ELTs, and do crowd control (literally watching the air show but just periodically making sure people don’t cross the line)

Noice pics dude 🔥

Here are a couple of mine

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