25SEP22 / 2100Z - IFATC United States Takeover

Hello IFC! It’s been a while since I hosted an event, but I’m back at it! Today, I am gathering a lot of people in IFATC, and we are going to try and takeover the whole United States! You heard that right, the whole USA! Our goal is to have every single center frequency in the USA open, as well as some local and approach frequencies. Event info is below:

Server: Expert Server

Time & Date: 2022-09-25T21:00:00Z2022-09-25T23:00:00Z

Center Frequencies

Frequency Controller
Los Angeles Center @Kitick
Oakland Center @Kitick
Oakland Oceanic Center @Kitick
Seattle Center @Mxrzy
Salt Lake City Center @Mxrzy
Denver Center @ButterAllDay
Albuquerque Center @ButterAllDay
Minneapolis Center @TimShan05
Chicago Center @TimShan05
Kansas City Center @ButterAllDay
Fort Worth Center @Marina
Memphis Center @Marina
Houston Center @Marina
Cleveland Center @TimShan05
Indianapolis Center @TimShan05
Boston Center @BT_HANDLES
New York Center @BT_HANDLES
New York Oceanic Center @BT_HANDLES
Washington Center @BT_HANDLES
Atlanta Center @A-FitzGerald
Jacksonville Center @A-FitzGerald
Miami Center @A-FitzGerald

Local and Radar Frequencies

Frequency Controller
Los Angeles (KLAX) Ground, Tower, ATIS, and Approach @mwe2187
San Francisco (KSFO) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @AviationFlyer
Burbank (KBUR) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @AVMEX
Las Vegas (KLAS) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @Kyle7223
John F Kennedy (KJFK) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @J-F_V
John F Kennedy (KJFK) Approach @alexbg29
Miami (KMIA) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @BrunoSantos
Atlanta (KATL) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @Centauridr
Denver (KDEN) Ground, Tower, and ATIS @Jaylan_Brown

This is going to be a very fun event! I hope you all enjoy some flights with fully staffed ATC. There will most likely be more local controllers than currently shown. See you all there! :)

Thanks to @Ray_Wang for the inspiration for opening a lot of center frequencies! We may make history today!


I guess we’re making history every day now,😂😂

Not complaining; happy to bring the thought


When is it? on the time thing it says today 10PM for me?

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This will be lit! Hopefully the servers don’t crash!

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The event starts in 35 minutes.

Let’s get it

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syas the 25th of october#?

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That was my mistake. Thanks for letting me know

There probably will be but just in case is there departure and approach controllers as well?

Woah. Today is is a world record for most center frequencies open 💀

Nice event though! Unfortunately I won’t be able to join but I’ll try to join the next one!


There will be for some airports. However center will act as approach for airports that don’t have approach, so you’ll still have the same service.

Expect me to join

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KJFK GTS Online and streaming

Maybe you want to update the ATC list since someone opened KLAX @ButterAllDay

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The event is now underway! Let’s have some fun!

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Denver Online!


Burbank is now ONLINE, Join and have some fun!


Amazing stuff all!

What a privilege to be a part of this event!

I shall be thoroughly enjoying my flight to Vancouver!

Thanks again for all you do IFATC volunteers!



KJFK now offline…

Thanks to everyone who came and / or opened!

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