25SEP21 - 1700Z / Kuwait City Flyout - Making Virtual Better… / @OKBK


Let me start off by saying, before this gets shut down, this is NOT repeat NOT me advertising for our virtual airline, I have purposely not put any logo’s or website etc. in it. it’s just my introduction.

Hello everyone! I am the current founder and CEO of (not yet IFVARB approved) Kuwait Airways Virtual. We are proud to announce this event! The OKBK flyout!

I understand there may be a lack of interest in this event due to the fact that OKBK is not a 3D airport as of yet, but I still hope to see you there!

Please choose an aircraft, destination and livery. I shall assign you to your allotted gate at OKBK. The event shall take place on Saturday 25th September at 2021-09-25T16:00:00Z


The gates will be as follows:


Terminal 1 Gate 1 @RhendyAvGeek | B77W Kuwait Airways To Guangzhou

Terminal 1 Gate 2 @Connor.CHARLES | B757 British Airways To London Heathrow

Terminal 1 Gate 3 @Saudia263 | B77W Saudia To Riyadh King Khalid

Terminal 1 Gate 4 @MainSky | B77W Kuwait Airways To Tahiti

Terminal 1 Gate 5 @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO | A330 Lufthansa To Frankfurt Am Main

Terminal 1 Gate 21 @askrdl | A330 Turkish Airlines To Istanbul

Terminal 1 Gate 22 @Captain_Dreamliner | A320 IndiGo To Cochin Int’l

Terminal 1 Gate 23 @Ethan_Brown | A321 Gulf Air To Bahrain Al - Muharraq

Terminal 1 Gate 24 @Captain_Yousef | 787 Royal Jordanian To Amaan Queen Alia

Terminal 1 Gate 25 @HUMVEE | B77W Kuwait Airways To Jeddah King AbdulAziz

Terminal 1 Gate 26 @Arizona_Aviator | B77W Kuwait Airways To Dhaka

Western Apron Remote Stand 127 T1 @Arkii | B77W Kuwait airways To Guangzhou

Western Apron Remote Stand 128 T1 @IF_AfganAviation | B77W Kuwait Airways To Guangzhou

Western Apron Remote Stand 129 T1 @Nixon10 | B77W Kuwait Airways To Guangzhou

Western Apron Remote Stand 130 T1 @Carloslikesplanes23 | A333 Qantas To Perth Int’l

Western Apron Remote Stand 131 T1

Western Apron Remote Stand 132 T1

Western Apron Remote Stand 133 T1

Western Apron Remote Stand 134 T1

Western Apron Remote Stand 135 T1

Western Apron Remote Stand 136 T1


Sign me up for a Kuwait 777 to Dhaka

Gd luck Kuwaiti b77w to Jeddah

See you there!

Did you get me?

Sorry, missed your message. Yes I’ll add you now. Thank you!

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Anyone willing to ATC staff this event please let me know

Hey can i get a gate to VOCI on IndiGo A320…

Can I get a Gulf Air A321 to Bahrain

Can I Please Have This One

Royal Jordanian Airways To Queen Alia International Airport, Amman

Can I get this gate for a flight to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines A330-300

I just added you!

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All done! Thank you

Yes. Thank you for joining

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Sure, I have moved you to Gate 21 since @Captain_Yousef got there first. But thank you for joining!

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Okay great!

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Thank you so much!

Lufthansa A330 to Frankfurt please.

Sure! See you there!

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B777 to NTAA - Callsign Kuwaiti 661