25SEP21 / 01:00Z Supersonic Training Flight @ KWRI to KEDW

25SEP21 / 01:00Z Supersonic Training Flight @ KWRI to KEDW

"A long time ago, in early 2019, I decided to explore the skies at supersonic speeds. I invited 4 colleagues from an extinct IF group, chose the location on the map with the highest concentration of players - North America - and started the tour. The journey is carried out in an F-22 (or any other supersonic jet of similar range), and has 2 stopovers for refueling purposes (I created a plan for in-flight refueling, but as no colleague was elected to be the KC-10 pilot, we chose to fly together). So, we left New York for Chicago, then Denver, and finally, Los Angeles. Duration 4 hours, under communication through the discord.

I’m here talking about this adventure to inspire young and old Infinite Flight pilots to do the same, and to venture into the unknown skies."

Aircraft: F-22, F-14
(Preferably F22 for this route, i don’t know how F-14 will perform)

McGuire AFB (KWRI) → Scott AFB (KBLV) → Buckley AFB (KBKF) → Edwards AFB (KEDW)


•Start at Gate: 00:50Z
•Taxi to Rwy: 01:00Z
•Takeoff: 01:10Z

Server: Casual

Estimated Flight Time: ~3 hours

Flight Level: FL500

Flight Plan:


Takeoff runways

McGuire AFB (KWRI): RWY 24
Scott AFB (KBLV): RWY 14R
Buckley AFB (KBKF): RWY 32


  • Pre-flight: after starting at the gate, change your call sign to what will be used in training. Fill your fuel tank and set the plane’s weight to a minimum - to save fuel. select the Flight plan and don’t forget to log in to discord. after performing this checklist, the plane can be started.

  • Takeoff: take-off will be carried out simultaneously on the same runway in pairs of 2; avoid mess. after rotation, activate the autopilot in this order: LNAV, Altitude and Speed.

  • Climb: During the climb, the flight parameters must be obeyed: 5,000 ft/min, 250 knots (below FL100), 400 knots (below FL270), Mach 1.50 until the end of the climb.

  • Cruise: During the cruise, keep Mach 2.00 until the beginning of the descent.

  • Descent: During the descent the following parameters must be obeyed: Start the descent 200 nautical miles to the airport, Mach 1.50, -3,000 ft/min (don’t worry about speed, the aircraft will gradually decelerate with the loss of altitude until reaching and maintaining Mach 1.50). Below FL100: 240 knots. The Approach is free for any lane and any route. avoid making mistakes or harming someone’s landing.

  • After Landing: park at some gate and refuel for the next leg. The next takeoff is only allowed when everyone is on the runway ready for takeoff. (In KEDW, overflights are allowed at the airport after the event ends)

Additional Information:

  • That’s a military training mission, no more than 1 nm spacing is needed.

  • If you crash, join us next leg.

  • try to keep the mission organised and funny - don’t forget to read the procedures for takeoff, cruise and landing.

Discord channel:

infinite flight online Server

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