25SEP20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Denver 360 @ KDEN

I’m sad Phoenix is not on here. DEN-PHX is DEN’s busiest and most served route.

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This will be great for refueling out of COS!

Super excited about this FNF and controlling KDEN hopefully. Denver is a stunning airport and a beautiful base to get out there and explore!


Finally A flight to the hometown airport! See you guys there!1

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I’m free after 5pm tomorrow. Who wants to meet up for a flight?

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Feel free to create a group flight a maximum of three hours before your planned flight. If you need any help, take a look through the topic below:


Great FNF misha

getting better everytime!

Amazing FNF! Can’t wait to fly from Mexico City to Denver!

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Ngl I’m genuinely surprised, this is the lowest amount of inbounds I’ve seen to an FNF with an airport of this size… it’s 06:44Z 😳🤔

Huh. And just realised my two planned long hauls during school and tonight are in 747-400’s, just like the time ‘744’… what a coincidence. 😂

Ah yes, I see it now. Lucky I stayed all well.


There was a sever reboot. Before that there was 68 inbound last time I checked.

😳… I had no idea, I was asleep the entire flight lol

Just had fun refueling @Capt_D_Brown over eastern Colorado.



Very excited for this one!!

Whoever was ATC when I was approaching (EK663, Airbus A380, trying to land ILS 16R), just wanted to apologize for that horrendous landing or lack thereof. Not looking forward to FAA interrogations.

Hello, welcome to the community, we share a name.

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Thanks so much for the top off. : )

So much fun cruising around my home state and seeing all the traffic around KDEN was amazing.

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Spectacular! Love it. I’m just descending to KDEN. Safe flights everyone

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List of Controllers on TS come by if you can

More times listed on the thread!

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Kinda off topic but does anyone remember Denver Stapleton (it used to be KDEN Before 1995)

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had a nice flight from EDDM, approach did an amazing job, as well as GND, TWR and CNTR
-NSV1230B heavy (DLH A350)