25OCT20 / 1800Z - EP2 Landing Challenge @ EP2

So, what in the world is this?

Well, for one, this is a landing challenge. For two, this challenge is being held at EP2, a 100ft by 100ft area somewhere around Calgary, Canada. Here’s a photo of the newly reworked 77W on top of EP2:

So, why in the world is this?

I have no idea. Thought it’d be a cool event though.

Server: Casual

Airport: EP2

Time: 1800Z / 2020-10-25T18:00:00Z

Hotel: Trivago

NOTAM: You can only spawn on runway 18, as spawning on 36 results in a flip and a crash. EP2 is so small, I’m making it so you can only use the XCub or Cessna 172 to qualify.



And that’s it for now. If you want in, go ahead and leave a reply saying so and I’ll be more than happy to add you to the list!

See y’all in the skies!


Sure, I’ll come. Please sign me up

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Since the C172 got a small preformance tweak, I’ll take that!

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Please sign me up

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I’ll sign up!

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😳🥴 4 signups already? Nice! Y’all will be added shortly, thanks!

Sign me up!

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5! We’re on a roll!

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I’ll sign up! Looking forward to it! I’m gonna try in the XCub

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Nice, you’ve been added.

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I’ll take a spot

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Yay! 7 signups in an hour, almost as good as the Lukla competition!

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Just so you know its possible…

I can make it harder 🙂

Erm, no im good. Took 10 tries bc of glitchy terrain lol

I somehow did it first try lol. Landed at like 35 knots or something I don’t know

I tried to do it again but I couldn’t

Hey so uhm this still exists

Anyone interested?

Sorry, I can’t make it to the event anymore

pls add me XD


Unfortunately I can’t join…

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