25NOV20 / 2000Z United Airlines Flight @ TNCM-KEWR

  • Aircraft and Livery : 737-900 United Airlines

  • Route : TNCM (St Maarten) - KEWR (Newark)

  • Time of Departure : 12:00 PST 3:00 EST

  • Server : training

Sunday, November 29, 2020

  • Additional Information: Since there is only 9 gates including 4 remote stands if you don’t mind waiting for a gate or stand to open that would be great. Please join around 11:45. To get in comment below
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I’ll join! :)

Sounds as though it would be a lot of fun @Thorroy! I love TNCM, but I’m personally not a big fan of KEWR. I would love to join otherwise. Maybe next time 😀

Ok see you then

Ok my next one might be Dallas to Los Angeles if that sounds good

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Sounds great! I’ve never done Dallas to LA. Should be fun :)

So was this earlier today or is it the 29th? 😂 I’m honestly so confused.

No this Sunday is the 29