25MAY24: Jackson Hole Flyout

You just gotta change it now👍

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give me this one

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I liked this door

@C4RLOS_G amazing choice

Hey @United403, can you put me as Flexjet instead? I’ll keep KSNA tho, thx!

@737aviation06 certainly

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Hi Can I have the same gate Alaska Portland E175 just switch the route pls.

Alaska has never operated to Portland.
Only SAN, SFO, SJC and SEA

Ok I will have SEA pls

Oki dokie!

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Ill take GTS.

@Myrightsock thanks for helping

Its gonna be a busy one😅

My favorite 🤣

Don’t think I can come.

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@deltaoutofdca no problem

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Can I have this one please

Absolutely! 💯

Sorry but I can’t make it now. I hope to go to another of your events soon @United403.

No problem. I’ll remove you