25MAY24: Jackson Hole Flyout

@CVG_Pilot amazing choice

Give me nothing 🙃

@PhorzaSky okay bud

Well then… this is rather unfortunate since I won’t have pro in May 🗿

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Can I possibly have this but a CL35? Need room for the bison. 🦬

How am I just seeing this now 🤦🏻‍♂️ Now my 757 routes are taken. Anyways I’ll take this

@Delta174J that gate can’t handle a CL35
@Prestoni Roger

how much does a bison weigh? Might fit one in a tmb

I’ll just go with that, thanks!


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Surprised you couldn’t just answer that yourself, bro had to look it up💀

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dis please

@Bay_Area_Aviation amazing choice 🤑🤑

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Keep filling up Jackson 🏔️🏔️🦬🦬

4 American Charlotte A319 pls

@Olivia12 Roger that

I will be quitting the IFC so you can remove me from this event. Thanks, it was fun while it lasted.

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Why are you quitting it??

@Topgottem @AviatorVJ if you’d like to discuss it, please do so in a private pm 😉

Top has already left IFC so he won’t be able to read this. I have had some inside and he’s leaving because he was sick of the drama and the way it is ran. He won’t be returning to the IFC and his subscription is cancelled. He said it was his time to move on. If you want to continue please PM, we’re talking on an event thread which wasn’t made for this.


Thanks for informing