25MAY24: Jackson Hole Flyout

Since its inception in the 1930s, my airport has been host to over 20 different airlines ranging from Western Airlines and Big Sky airways to Delta and United Airlines ✈️! In 2020, our world was hit with something whose name shall not be spoken 😷. Airlines were hit hard, having to ground mass amounts of aircraft and cut many routes. In 2021 as airlines began to recover, new routes began to pop up all across the globe 🌎, and those new routes are the inspiration for this Jackson event!
In 2021, Jackson saw huge airline expansion with the addition of Alaska, Frontier, Allegiant and Sun Country, adding 12 new routes in addition to those already served by Delta, American, and United! Join me as I go back in time to the decades beginning to experience these unique flights from my mountain oasis! β›°οΈβœˆοΈπŸ˜†

Event Info
Airport: Jackson Hole Airport KJAC
Date: Saturday, May 25th 2024
Server: Expert Server
Time: 1700z, 11am MST

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 Frontier Denver A320 @CVG_Pilot
1A Allegiant Las Vegas A320 @Bay_Area_Aviation
1B United Chicago B737 @AnotherPilot77
2 Sun Country Minneapolis B738 @Mort
3 American Phoenix CRJ7
4 American Charlotte A319 @Olivia12
5 Alaska Portland E175 @Prestoni
6 American Dallas A319 @Apple_Haye
7 Alaska San Diego E175 @deltaoutofdca
8 United Houston B737
9 United Newark B737 @United403
De-Ice Pad FULL
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
S Delta Detroit B757 @YAWspeed
C Delta Atlanta B757 @CedricFlys
N Delta Salt Lake City A319 @AviatorVJ
Jackson Hole Aviation Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 NetJets Denver Centennial CL35
2 NetJets Portland Hillsboro CL35
3 NetJets Telluride CL35
4 VistaJet Aspen CL35
5 VistaJet Van Nuys CL35
6 VistaJet San Carlos CA CL35
Jackson Hole Aviation Hangars
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
Hangar 1 NetJets Fort Lauderdale Exec CL35 @NonStopsAviation
Hangar 2 NetJets Tetorboro CL35
Central GA Apron
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 Maroon Sun Valley TBM9
2 N456DX Rexburg C172
3 Navy Blue Twin Falls TBM9 @Delta174J
4 N456DX Rigby C172
5 NetJets Seattle Boeing Fld CL35 @RedWolf
6 JM Aviation Henderson NV CL35 @NvAviator
7 N456DX Driggs C172
8 Navy Blue Sheridan TBM9
9 Charcoal Cheyanne TBM9
10 Charcoal Fort Collins/NoCo TBM9
11 N456DX Melody Ranch C172
12 N456DX Lander C172
13 N456DX West Yellowstone C172
14 NetJets Santa Ana CL35 @737aviation06
15 NetJets Houston Hobby CL35
16 NetJets Chicago Midway CL35
17 NetJets Punta Gorda CL35
New Flight Charters Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 Charcoal Arco TBM9
2 Charcoal Rock Springs TBM9
3 Charcoal Provo TBM9
4 Charcoal Gillete TBM9
5 Red Stripe Evanstan TBM9
6 Red Stripe St. George TBM9
7 Red Stripe Wendover TBM9
8 Red Stripe Burley TBM9
9 IF Dark Steamboat Springs TBM9
10 IF Light Logan TBM9

Frequency User
Salt Lake City Center
Denver Center

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun
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Thanks Again to @MANDELA for Banners


I shall be claiming this

No surprise there πŸ˜‚

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I’ll take this but I’ll fly earlier

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Of course this is @United403 doing these shenanigans

Anyways I’m taking this

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πŸ‘‹ @United403

@Mort @NonStopsAviation
You both have been added

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Can I heave a Delta 175 to LAX pls?

Unfortunatly, Delta did not operate that route in 2021. Only American on the CRJ7, which I listed at gate 3

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I’ll take this please!

I proved you

Oh I thought this was now edition.

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@YAWspeed, @deltaoutofdca

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Can I take this one?

@CedricFlys absolutely!

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I’ll take DFW

@Apple_Haye Roger that

This is a new airport for me and looks amazing. I’d love to get gate 1 to Denver on Frontier. Thank you!

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