25MAY21 / 1000Z - Misha, Dan, and Co Flyin @ UUDD - EIDW

Hi all! @AviatorDan and I doing a little flight from UUDD to EIDW in about 30 minutes and thought we would invite everyone along for a change. Not a Flash Flight, just a little potter across Europe whilst we work on some other stuff!

  • Aircraft and Livery:

S7 A319

  • Route:

UUDD - EIDW. Copy Misha FPL. TO runway 32R, expect 28L at Dublin.

  • Time of Departure:

1000Z (30 mins)

  • Server:


  • Additional Information:

No messing around! 3h51 flight time. 12500kg fuel. FL360, 295IAS (m.78 ish)


I’ll be there :)

Thanks to all the moderation and development team for visiting Dublin recently. I saw you all there yesterday heading to Palma. 🇮🇪☘️

Please inform A bit early next time,just 30 minutes before means that many people who would love to fly with y’all(including me) won’t be able to on such short notice,hope you understand,Thanks!😉✌🏼✈️❤️

That was a very nice flight!

I didn’t know where to park so I spawned back next to you guys haha.

Bye :)

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Lol we saw. This is the area they used irl so we went here!

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Thanks for letting me know ;)

See you guys next time!

i wish i can attend but i had skewl😢😢

(dan and misha are besties lol)

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