25MAY20/2230Z - Puerto Rico to the Midwest @TJSJ [Sign Ups still Open]

  • 737-700 Southwest Heart:


  • 2020-05-25T22:30:00Z:

  • Expert:


*Gate B7- @ORD777flyer

*Gate B9-

  • Gate B10

  • Gate B11-

*Additional Information: Please follow basic procedure, copy flight plan from @ORD777flyer.
We are not responsible for any violations received

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Sure, best friend! I’ll take a spot!

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Alright thanks man

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Alright, I’ll get you a gate number ASAP.


This was my first event

Good job! I love it!

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Don’t thank me thank Anthony he set this up. 💪😊

Folks gates are still available 33 minutes until pushback.

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Yep I’m taking B7

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We need some more people

Alright you guys can spawn in like 5 minutes

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@Chris_S please close this thanks, the event owner couldn’t make it.
Thanks so much.

Is it stil open

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We will fly this tomorrow same time. Be on the lookout for the new one or please PM me.

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Okay thank you

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Sure thing no problem just PM so I can remember to remind you tomorrow.

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Alrighty sounds good

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