25MAY20 / 1700Z - FINISHED - Around The Alps - Venice flyout @ LIPZ

Signed up for Swiss to Zurich myself.

Hi! Please could I take this flight? Thanks for organising.


Thanks for coming, reserved it for you

Event is today! Excited will be great to see Venice full


Hi, requesting EZY flight to Nice please?

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Nice to see more EasyJet reservations. Signed you up.

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Very excited too. Sadly we are not in the IFATC schedule and there are no IFATC at home members in Italy, but I think we will still manage to do it in an organized manner.

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Yes! We will still ace it either way

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Hi, may I get a gate for (Lufthansa A320) Lufthansa264 to Hamburg?

Sadly there are no Lufthansa flights to Hamburg in the list, nor there are any available lufthansa flights or non-EasyJet flights to Hamburg.

Oh yes, thats my bad…i’m still learning about how the evetns sign up is working…
I’ll take Brussels Airlines to EBBR if possible?

No problem, we all gotta start somewhere. Signed you for the last OK gate.

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All EasyJet flights are now available for everyone!

Also event is in 1 hour, so expect info in 30 minutes

Event info

Be ready for pushback at 17:00Z

Departures only from runaway 22L. 22R only for non-CHONKY aircraft. Check departure info after picture

These routes should be followed to avoid congestion.

Please also keep in mind these rules:

  • No parallel takeoffs are allowed
  • No back-taxi on runaway 22R
  • Do not stop on the runaways to avoid violations.

Extra instructions for CHONKY aircraft:

  • Use of back taxi is highly advised for CHONKY aircraft.
  • CHONKY aircraft should not follow each other to speed up departures.

No PM was made because discourse only allows 30 people per PM and we have 32 attendees. Please do not chat in this topic. Only ask important questions here. This is to prevent this thread from being locked.

Is it ok I will PB at Like 17:05? I Just really need to eat

No problem. Considering how packed the airport is, I assume some people will pushback even later

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I’m a dummy

What a winds, i got 63kt headwind…
Edit: Up to 77kt

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I have turbulence rn, even when i took off

That was a great event! I definitely look forward to the next fly out!