25MAY20 / 1600Z - A Sunny Tampa Flyout @ KTPA

Summary: Let’s fill up a smaller un used airport with many of routes

Server: Expert

Airport: KTPA

Time: 2020-05-25T16:00:00Z


Number Attending: 20


Tampa airport is located in Tampa Florida and serves as a focus city for Delta, Southwest, and Spirit airlines. If you are lucky you may get a transatlantic flight to Amsterdam, London-Gatwick, or Frankfurt. It serves many domestic flights to mainland US and Canada. I hope to see you there!

Airside A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
A1 A320 Spirit Atlanta
A3 A320 Spirit Cleveland
A4 A320 Spirit Baltimore @texasaviation
A5 A321 Spirit Chicago-O’Hare @ORD777flyer
A6 A320 Spirit Las Vegas
A7 A320 Spirit New York-La Guardia
A8 A320 Spirit Houston-Intercontinental
A9 A320 Spirit Boston
A10 A320 Spirit New Orleans
A11 Q400 (Sub ATR) Silver Airways Key West
A12 Q400 (Sub ATR) Silver Airways Charleston (SC)
A14 A320 JetBlue Hartford
A15 A321 JetBlue New York-JFK @ToasterStroodie
A16 A320 United Denver
A17 B738 United Newark
A18 CRJ7 (Sub ERJ-145) Contour Indianapolis
Airside C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
C30 B738 Southwest Chicago-Midway @Airforce1095
C31 B738 Southwest St. Louis
C32 B737 Southwest Houston-Hobby
C33 B737 Southwest Fort Lauderdale
C34 B738 Southwest Nashville
C35 B738 Southwest Memphis
C36 B737 Southwest Las Vegas @ViperSlam
C37 B737 Southwest Louisville
C38 B738 Southwest Pittsburgh
C39 B737 Southwest Richmond
C40 B738 Southwest Los Angeles @RomeoStuff24
C42 B738 Southwest Long Island
C43 B738 Southwest Cincinnati
C44 B738 Sun Country Madison
C45 B739 Alaska Seattle/Tacoma
Airside E
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
E62 B763 Delta Amsterdam @The_Real_Plane_Spott
E64 B739 Delta Cancun @cptlogue
E66 A321 Delta Atlanta @jet_centric
E67 CRJ7 Delta Miami
E68 B738 Delta Salt Lake City
E69 CRJ9 Delta Raliegh/Durham
E70 A320 Frontier Buffalo
E71 A319 Delta New York-La Guardia @InfiniteFlight48
E72 A319 Air Canada Rouge Toronto-Pearson
E73 A321 Frontier Milwaukee @ShaneAviation
E74 A320 Frontier Denver
E75 B737 Westjet St. John’s
Airside F
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
F78 B738 Cayman Airways Grand Cayman @AlphaKilo
F79 B738 American Charlotte
F80 A320 American Philidelphia @NoahM
F81 B752 Icelandair Reykjavik-Keflavik
F83W B772 British Airways London-Gatwick @Pingu
F85 B738 Copa Airlines Panama City @Udeme_Ekpo
F87W A343 Lufthansa Frankfurt @Big_Chungus
F88W B789 Norwegian Air Shuttle London-Gatwick
F90W A333 Edelweiss Air Zurich

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
01 B752 UPS Louisville @FlightLA205
02 A333 UPS San Juan @Thunderbolt
04 B77F FedEx Memphis
05 MD11 FedEx Newark @Sam73628
06 B763 Amazon Air Portland (OR)
07 B763 Amazon Air Dallas/Fort Worth

Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
TPA 01 CCX or 737BBJ Pilots Choice
TPA 02 CCX or 737BBJ Pilots Choice
TPA 03 CCX or 737BBJ Pilots Choice
01 CCX Pilots Choice
02 CCX Pilots Choice
03 CCX Pilots Choice

I am not responsible for any ghost/report that may happen. All above grade 3 can attend and I hope to see you there!


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Just a head’s up, this is your 5th flyout in the month of May, which means that you can only have one more :) Keep up the great work though, they look awesome.

I’ll take this one please, thank you!

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May have to do a big one for the last one. Anyway I will sign you up!

How many flyouts are you gonna have lol


I will take this gate please

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That’s better done in a PM. Not really necessary he’s aware :)

Anyways I’ll come. A320 to Baltimore please.

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Can I have:

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
F83W B772 British Airways London-Gatwick Soon to be @Pingu

Thanks! :)


He’s just reminding him, nothing wrong with that

@United2 not 100% sure if I can make it yet but for now can I take an American A320 to Philly? It’s flown in real life but not on your list


Nice event! I’ll take this one!

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@Udeme_Ekpo @texasaviation @Pingu @NoahM @cptlogue

New signups


Yes finally. My home airport finally gets a little of attention. One of my favorite home airports ever. Thanks for doing this event. I’ll choose this gate and route :)

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I will see u there

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Be sure to check out my LAX event

May I take the Spirit A320 to ORD please

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My I have this gate please. FlightLA205

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@ORD777flyer @FlightLA205 I will sign u guys up

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Can I please have Gate E71, A319, Delta, to New York-La Guardia. Thank you!

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You got it see u there

Thank you so much