25MAR23 / African Adventure!

event bump

looking for atc at the moment

b u m p

is there anything keeping people from being available?

thanks for signing up!

Sorry, I can’t make it unfortunately just figured out I have stuff to do that day. Sorry.

alright, thanks for telling me. thanks for being interested!

35 days till the event!

1 month till the event! @here

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Gate 06/To Nairobi/E190 Kenya

thanks for signing up! would you like to fly-in or fly-out? @Filip_Kocka

It’s definitely gonna be a interesting session and I would like to take it😍😍

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thanks for signing up! putting you down.

would you like to fly in or out?

@Filip_Kocka, i will sign you up for flying out of seychelles. see you there!

bumping this for ya

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Any more signups? @here

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I can’t wait for this event !

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@the_ding i unfortunately wont be able to attend this event bc of an event 1 hr before on the same server

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