25MAR23 / African Adventure!

Hello IFC! On this occasion, I have decided to host an event at an uncommon location off the coast of eastern Africa. If you guessed the Seychelles, then you are correct! This event will be featured in a fly-in/out event. For this event, sponsorships by VA’s are not permitted due to the limited number of gates. I hope everyone who attends will have a wonderful time enjoying this tropical paradise.

About the Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean. It’s largest city and capital, Victoria, is located approximately 800 nautical miles off the coast of Africa.

More About Seychelles

Seychelles - Wikipedia

About This Airport

Seychelles International Airport - Wikipedia

Gate Assignments

If you would like to reserve a gate, please reply with whether you would like to fly-out or fly-in

Main Terminal Gates
Gate Dest/Dep Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot Fly-in or Fly-out
Gate 01 Moscow Sheremetyevo A333 Aeroflot AFL245 @Edward929 Fly-put
Gate 02 Saint-Denis BCS3 AIr Austral REU422 - -
Gate 03 Dubai-International B777 Emirates UAE708 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek Fly-out
Gate 04 Hamad Intl (Doha) B77L Qatar QTR6679 - -
Gate 05 Frankfurt B763 Condor (substituted by Thomas Cook) CFG2303 @AviationAlpha Fly-out
Gate 06 Nairobi E190 Kenya Airways KQA251 @the_ding Fly-out
Light Aircraft Aprons
Gate Dest/Dep Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot Fly-in or Fly-out
Light Aircraft Apron 01 Port Louis A320 Air Seychelles SEY049 @United403 Fly-out
Light Aircraft Apron 02 Praslin Island TBM9 Air Seychelles HM3060 - -
Light Aircraft Apron 03 D’arros Island TBM9 Air Seychelles HM3029 - -
GA Aprons (not West Aprons)
Gate Dest/Dep Aircraft Airline Callsign (ICAO) Pilot Fly-in or Fly-out
GA Apron 1 Desroches TBM9 GA Pilot’s Choice - -
GA Apron 2 Alphonse TBM9 GA Pilot’s Choice - -

ATC Assignments

If you would like to control, please quote a frequency from this table and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Frequency Controller
Seychelles Ground @CCH_real
Seychelles Tower @CCH_real
Seychelles Approach -
Seychelles Center -


  • I am not responsible for any violations you obtain from this event.
  • Please remain respectful towards other pilots and ATC.
  • If ATC is not present, please be sure to utilize the Traffic/Unicom frequency to let other pilots know about your actions.
  • Last of all, have fun and enjoy the event!

Hope to see you there!


I’ll take this one please (I will be flying out)! Nice event

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I’ll take this

Please and thank you

alright! i’ll get you down.

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@United403 and @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek please state whether you guys are flying in or out. thanks.

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I’m flying out

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alright, ill sign you up

Thanks, bro.

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@United403 are you flying in or out?

Out please

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got you down!

lets get some more signups!


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more signups please!

im gonna stop now

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alright! are you flying in or out? @Ryan_15

flyout sorry

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got you down! thanks for signing up!