25MAR22 / 2100Z - The Austin Flyout @KAUS


Recently I reached TL 2 which opened up a number of possibilities for the IFC, but to celebrate I am hosting a Flyout out of my home airport Austin Bergstrom airport on March 25th. I would appreciate it if you could join the flight. If you’re interested let me know and I will sign you up as soon as I can.

Stuff you should know

Server: Expert

Airport: KAUS

Time: 2100Z


Frequency Controller
Tower: @IV_AVIATION_YouTube
Ground: @IV_AVIATION_YouTube
West Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 1 Alaska 737-800 Seattle @Andy_samuel
Gate 2 Alaska A320 San Diego
Gate 3 Lufthansa A330 Frankfurt @Harrison_EGLL
Gate 12 JetBlue A320 JFK
Gate 22 Air Canada E175 Toronto
Gate 23 American Airlines 737-800 DFW @RyMan
Gate 24 American Airlines 737-800 Charlotte @HUMVEE
Gate 25 United Airlines 737-800 Denver @superknight
Gate 26 American Airlines A321 Boston @KSM_King_Storm
Gate 27 United Airlines 737-900 San Francisco @Cihan37
Gate 29 United Airlines A320 Washington @CaptainE
Gate 30 American Airlines 737-800 Chicago
Gate 31 United Airlines 737-900 Los Angeles
East Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Route Pilot
Gate 1 Aero Mexico 737-700 Mexico City
Gate 2 British Airways 787-9 London @787_Dream
Gate 3 Norwegian 787-8 Oslo @yenier_Rodriguez
Gate 4 Spirit A320 Orlando
Gate 5 WestJet 737-700 Toronto
Gate 7 Delta A321 Atlanta @plane_guy12
Gate 9 Delta A320 Detroit
Gate 14 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Dallas @skye
Gate 15 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Cancun
Gate 16 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Orlando @ORD777flyer
Gate 17 Southwest Airlines 737-700 El Paso @Pilot_InfiniteFlight
Gate 18 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Kansas City
Gate 19 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Houston @Lucas_Louro
Gate 20 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Phoenix @Michigan_Aviation
Gate 21 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Denver @TheAviation_YT


  • Please follow ATC instructions in order to not get violations.
  • I am not responsible for the violations you get.
  • If no ATC is present, please use Unicom frequency correctly .
  • Lastly, Have Fun !

We need people

On the title just change it o 1APR22 and you should be fine :)

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Ok thank you

Also do you want a gate?

Sorry I can’t btw The event is way too far out
Has to be 1 month before

I thought it just had to be a minimum of 30 days

30 days is way too long to wait for an event to then start

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I switched it to the 25th of march

Mmmm that’s 29 days just enough
I also suggest adding calendar so people know what time is it for them without going to a random time converter website

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There you go

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Hey Could I please have this flight?

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Yes for sure

Your all signed up

Hello there I would love to help you kick off your first Flyout! Sign me up! 🙂
|Gate 23|American Airlines|737-800|DFW|

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Ill gladly fill this!

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@plane_guy12, and @RyMan your all signed up



Id like to take Gate 27

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Can I take this please?

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Hey I can do ATC, I can take KAUS local (Ground, tower and ATIS)

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