25MAR2023 | Kahului FlyOut

“Fake it 'till u make it” am i right lmao



Gate 17 | Honolulu | Hawaiian | 717
May I do this please?

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of course you can

3 gates left and commuter gates till available!

Hello. Could I get this gate pls?

Gate 5 | Honolulu | Southwest | 737-800

Thank youu

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Ok well i’ve discovered I won’t be able to attend, due to spring break stuff


@Aviatorwyatt @RagonDragon

Please keep in mind this post:

Pushbacks are not regular, they tail to the left and make a 180 to taxi to Runway 2.


Common Kahului L (jkjkjkjk)

Can i change to this

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Only 3 terminal gates left. Commuter Terminal still empty

Can I please have:
Gate 27 | Denver | United | 777-200

Thank you!

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of course make sure to check out my other events

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I wont be able to make it for this event.
Im really sorryy((((

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its all good thanks for telling me in advance

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3 Terminal Gate left
Commuter gates left too

only a couple gates left

you can free this one up; i mentioned a number of days back I won’t be able to come

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Everyone the time has changed!!! Please re press going thank you

@Butter575 do you want to request a gate since it is on Expert