25MAR2023 | Kahului FlyOut

Have it I can’t go I will be on a airplane irl during that time

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Gate 21B to Phoenix with 777-200

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I will get you down

Can I change to this? Please and thank you

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only a couple of gates left


of course thanks for signing up

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It’s on a 763 now 😁

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are you kidding

No, check DL300 on fr24

They really do
and since when does Air Canada fly to Toronto from ogg and Delta fly the A330-900 to LAX

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It all is for spring break demand. I would change or add the flights

I would like to switch to this

will do
Makes sense
I saw that Alaska is now opperating the 737-900 to maui instead of the 800
I wonder why they fly the max to HNL and KOA but not OGG or LIH

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I’ve seen their Max 9 pop in and out, I have seen the orca B39M here too

ah I am guessing that is from SEA then

lets get some more sign ups

can I switch to this but to Atlanta on the A330-300

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I am not certain i can fully make it no more, due to conflicting IRL stuff on the same day. I don’t know if the times cross or not so I’ll keep the gate

@Butter575 you need to switch kinda…ur not IFATC

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