25MAR2023 | Kahului FlyOut

Coming right up

are you sure

Do you think you will be able to get to grade 3 by the event

I have been meaning to do that for ages after seeing them on flightradar

Also due to the other hawaii event also on the 18th i think i may switch to an inter island flight


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I thought that it should be addressed because every time I have gone to maui they do there pushback this way

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Attention this event is being moved to March 25 due to my Mega Honolulu Event


I am not Grade 3 until July, I got too many vios, it’s fine, the day of the event I will fly the route I signed up for, but just on a different server, it seems like everyone wants it on ES, so please switch it if you want!

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ok thank you for understanding
I’m gonna remove you if that ok

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Go right ahead.

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ATTENTION this event has switched to expert server!!!

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Hopefully I will catch on my other events

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These planes need to be smaller or bigger, sorry for being so corrective. The Delta to Seattle needs to swap to a lower gate. AA needs to be a bigger gate or smaller plane. Saying this bc the gates are too small to handle big planes

sure I was just using what flight radar said