25MAR2023 - A Busy Guadalajara Fly-Out @MMGL

Apron 24/Aeromexico Connect/to Salt lake

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Registrado! Thank you for coming. :)

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No problem dude

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Event bump

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Thank you! Hopefully we can get more people…

Doing MMGL-KDFW to honor my cousins first flight with AA.

Hello people,

It’s confirmed that this will be now a community event, and will be featured on the ATC schedule. Since it will probably be staffed by ATC all-day, please respect IFATC and follow instructions at all times. Also, please take extra care when on ground: the layout could make ground traffic a bit busy.

See you on 2023-03-25T06:00:00Z, and thank you for those who signed up with the gate assignments earlier.

And if you want to participate in the event, make sure to RSVP in the main thread.

Again, a huge thank you to Dan for this opportunity. See you all in Guadalajara!


Hello I would like to sign up. Could we take any flight and gate or have you pre made them already?

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Hello. You can sign up by RSVPing in the event details at the end of the main post.

And you can come whenever you want. This is a community event(featured on ATC schedule), which means there are no assignments. :)

Ok thank you.

I cannot see which gates are vacant though.

There are no gates, sir.

Oh yes sorry.
See you soon


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Nice! Hope you can enjoy the flight :)

Will definelty come.

Will be Doing CX3081

arriving from Mexico City and departing to Anchorage

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A quick reminder that we are 15 days away!

13 days to go… excited for this event!

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I will fly in from FRA on a lufthansa cargo 777F… im praying my game does not crash haha

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Fun fact:

Did you know that “La Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara” is actually one of the most important events in the literature world…?

Quick reminder that we are a week and a day to go!


5 days to go!!!