25JUN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Unlocking the Atlantic

Hey there!

There is no sign ups for the Friday Night Flight’s. You can fly at any time with any route.

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If the winds are with me, I’ll be flying New York to London City.

Thank for the info. Can I stay in Server Casual always?😉 May I will take a game for Delta Air Lines is a Boeing 752 the trip JFK to Edinburgh able.

Can’t wait to fly for this FNF. Sounds awesome! Nice work.

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I’ll be on the casual cause it’s the only server I have

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Oh, I see. May we’ll together the game on Delta B752 able.

Sounds like you have a Canada bug like me 🤪

Hello. I need someone to respond to this. So I got 6 violations, and now I can’t play in the expert server right now. It says 6 violations in 7 days, so does that mean I can’t play in the expert for 7 days? Please respond to me.

Oh come on! Boston is a HUGE player in this! :((((( big sad

Yes that’s correct

Same with ewr sort of, its the most forgotten airport tbh

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Ok thank you

See you in EGLL!! coming from Riyadh SAUDIA B77W 🔥

SO many VAS…so little OPPORTUNITIES!!

Nice event, cant wait. Especially since this is my birthday :)

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Not at all - Just about to depart Newark! ;)

Happy Birthday! 🥳🥳🥳

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Good morning! (from the UK)
Feel free to join me 😊👍🏻
I’ll be loading in to Toronto Pearson 2021-06-25T10:20:00Z or thereabouts to do my weight and balance, and file the flight plan into Infinite Flight

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Happy Birthday to you! 🥳🎂


Nice FNF! Ill be doing JFK-LHR on Virgin 787-9! Excited!!

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