25JUN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Unlocking the Atlantic

Nice FNF! Ill be doing JFK-LHR on Virgin 787-9! Excited!!

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This is a truly sexy fnf

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Absolutely, one of my favorite airports to control!

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We might do cause I’ll be flying over the Atlantic

Unfortunately will still be in my flight then. Thanks for the offer!

Yay one of the airports are Munich Germany and i Live here!

Very cool event !
Quick reminder ! Air France celebrates the 75th
Anniversary of its Paris to New York routes !


Finally taken off from Toronto, inbound to Heathrow around 2021-06-25T18:10:00Z
Air Canada 858

I’m done now from my game arrive Edinburgh over the Atlantic Ocean.

I have finished my game for Delta B752 from JFK to EDI took 5h 23m just running quickly over the Atlantic Ocean always. The fuel is 40% of the plane. 3,346 miles.

is someone gonna do ATC at denver airport? im gonna be there in just over 90mins after flying from munich.

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Same here💁‍♂️

make that 56 mins

Taking advantage of procedures with a Departure, North Atlantic Track, and Arrival/Approach plus enjoyed T&G and vectoring ATC services at JFK and will hopefully have the same at LHR once I start my approach in 5 hours. Great way to end the week with a FNF!

Also shoutout to these great resources — certainly appreciate the effort put into these so I can replicate realism as much as possible!
Your Ultimate Guide to John F. Kennedy Intl. Airport
Your Guide to Fuel Burn and Cruising Altitudes in the New 777 Family


I’m sure I speak for all of IFATC when I say, we were so elated to control all these amazing flights!


Massive shoutout to all the Staff, Moderators, IFATC controllers etc. who have made this Friday Night Flight event a massive hit!
I was Air Canada 858, flying Toronto to London Heathrow on the Expert Server, touching down at 1835Z 25JUN2021
I did have to go around on my final approach into Heathrow 27R, but it’s all good!

Thank you so much, I cannot wait for the next one! 😃


Thanks Dave! :)

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Uhh? it wasn’t for you…

Okay :( dave