25JUN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Unlocking the Atlantic

Given its not on the airport list - IFATC will not be allowed to staff it unless all airports on the list are fully staffed.

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Ah okay I understand, fair enough 👍🏻

Can’t wait for this one. :)

long island vibes at jfk see you there


I Will be flying BBJ 737-700 From KLGA-EGLL


If you’re excited about this week’s FNF… we’ll have our IFVARB Summit Day 1 event … as crossing the Atlantic lol

info → 9JUL21-11JUL21 | The IFVARB Summit- 5th Edition!


The timing couldn’t be more fortuitous. I had plans on flying Saturday morning (AEST) from London to New York set over two weeks ago! I couldn’t be any happier!


Ah hah… If only we had a United B788 lol.

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Brilliant!I’ll be live streaming tommoroows fnf from EGLL-KJFK Virgin Atlantic 787-9


EGPH is going to be a blast to control!

Is there sign up for specific flights?

Hey there!

There is no sign ups for the Friday Night Flight’s. You can fly at any time with any route.

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If the winds are with me, I’ll be flying New York to London City.

Thank for the info. Can I stay in Server Casual always?😉 May I will take a game for Delta Air Lines is a Boeing 752 the trip JFK to Edinburgh able.

Can’t wait to fly for this FNF. Sounds awesome! Nice work.

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I’ll be on the casual cause it’s the only server I have

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Oh, I see. May we’ll together the game on Delta B752 able.

Sounds like you have a Canada bug like me 🤪

Hello. I need someone to respond to this. So I got 6 violations, and now I can’t play in the expert server right now. It says 6 violations in 7 days, so does that mean I can’t play in the expert for 7 days? Please respond to me.

Oh come on! Boston is a HUGE player in this! :((((( big sad