25JUL21 / 1800Z - AppleJet Virtual Presents: Miniature & Mighty Planes in Miami @ KMIA

Miniature & Mighty Planes in Miami

Hosted By: @applejet_virtual

Greetings everyone! Welcome to Apple Jet Virtual’s next event. We are going to be flying out all of our miniature fleet and debuting our larger aircraft at our Southern hub, Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. Come join us in South Florida to fly out of one of the busiest airports in the state of Florida.

Aircraft & Routes

Our entire fleet will be available for flying in this event. Check out all of the routes you will be able to choose from and aircraft you can fly below. Please state the aircraft and route you would like to fly in the thread to claim a spot. You may opt to swap aircraft if you’d like.

AppleJet Fleet
Cessna 172 Skyhawk


Cessna 208 Caravan


Cubcrafters XCub


Daher TBM-930


Airbus A318-100

Screenshot 2021-07-01 3.40.41 PM

Boeing 737-700 BBJ

Screenshot 2021-07-01 3.40.56 PM

Boeing 737-900 BBJ

Screenshot 2021-07-01 3.41.12 PM

AppleJet Routes

AppleJet Virtual Routes from KMIA - Google Sheets

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Time: 2021-07-25T18:00:00Z

Gate Assignments

FBO Commercial Jets 1|A318-100|Caracas|SVMI|@thatonekiwi
FBO Commercial Jets 3|B737-700 BBJ|Kingston|MKJP|@swa1997
FBO Commercial Jets 5|B737-900 BBJ
FBO Landmark Aviation 1|Cessna 208|Marathon|KMTH|@KSS
FBO Landmark Aviation 2|TBM-930|Freeport|MYGF|@jacobdiaz
FBO Landmark Aviation 3|XCub|Key West|KEYW|@david_mullen
FBO Landmark Aviation 4|GA Choice
FBO Landmark Aviation 5|GA Choice
FBO Landmark Aviation 6|GA Choice
FBO Landmark Aviation 7|GA Choice
FBO Landmark Aviation 8|GA Choice
FBO Landmark Aviation 9|GA Choice
FBO Landmark Aviation 10|GA Choice

⚠️ NOTAMS ⚠️

  • Please spawn 10-15 minutes prior to departure
  • Respect UNICOM or IFATC at all times
  • Please act professionally to keep the event as realistic as possible
  • We are not responsible for any violations or reports
  • Have Fun!

Interested in joining AppleJet?

Website | Apply | IFC Thread


Thread designed by @KSS


FBO Commercial Jets 1 A318-100 Can I?

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@ThatOneKiwi Absolutely! Check the link to the A318 routes out of MIA and see where you can travel

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Caracas please!

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@ThatOneKiwi Welcome to Miami! -

Enjoy your flight to Caracas!

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Wish I could come but I won’t be home.

Bumping this event!

5 Days!

FBO Landmark Aviation 2(TBM-930) And I would like to fly to freeport, please?

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@JacobDiaz Welcome to Miami!

Enjoy your flight to Freeport!

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I’ll take this to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (MBPV) please :)

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I can also do ATC if you want instead

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Destination: Kingston, Jamaica
Don’t really know the ICAO code

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Hello @AppleJet_Virtual

@SWA1997 Welcome to Miami!

Enjoy your flight to Jamaica!

This event is now ATC staffed by @Cooper_Marcukaitis

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Finally I am grade 4

sorry i cannot make to this event because i am currently driving to Atlanta

@SWA1997, @JacobDiaz, @ThatOneKiwi, & @KSS
Spawn at least 10 minutes prior to departure! Thank you


Roger that
Btw I just arrived into KMIA from Baltimore on SWA

Sign me up please. XCub to Key West KEYW.

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