25JUL21 / 1600Z - Aegean Virtual Celebrates 1 Year @ LGAV

Thank you, @GOLVirtual ! We‘re happy to have partners like you, see you very soon!


May I have this one?

I am not 100% sure if I am able to make it. But I would like to request to have this route. :)

Hello @Skonert ! You’re signed up, thanks for joining!

@Captain_Ry the flight is yours! As you’re part of NSV you could join their group flight as well without individually sign up.

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Great event! Please sign me up for this route! Thank you and congrats on completing 1 year as a VA, @AegeanVA !

May I have this one ? 😁

@Captain_Sid Thank you! You’re signed up!

@PATOU95 Of course, thanks for joining!

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Hi, is there any way I could fly in from Brussels using the Brussels Airlines A319? I know it’s a real life route but it isn’t on the list of flights into Athens, so I thought I’d ask.

If it’s possible, I’d like to fly that route.

You can take me off the list then, as I will be joining the NSVG group flight. :)

@T1MMY4L1F3_YT We will add your requested flight to the table very soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Captain_Ry Glad to hear that! Tanja for letting us know!


Could I have this one please?

Can I have the Transavia flight?

Can I get this route please it’s not listed in here:


Your flight is signed up, thanks for joining @B6_Andreas and @MainSky !

We added your wished flight as well, @Aniket . See you very soon!


can I have the Zurich flight

Hello @NibaPlanesYT and welcome to the IFC! We will add a second flight from Zurich for you. See you very soon in Athens!

En-route from OMDB to LGAV as Emirates 209!

See you very soon in Athens !

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thank you

what time should I depart from Zurich?

@NibaPlanesYT You should start pushback at 1325Z

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