25JUL21 / 1600Z - Aegean Virtual Celebrates 1 Year @ LGAV


Dear IFC members, on July 13th 2020 Aegean Virtual was officially approved by IFVARB. Since that day we have tried to connect Greece with Europe and to bring the most beautiful sights closer to you. We could not have gone this way without you, which is why we want to celebrate our anniversary here with you, but also with our partners.

About the event

The event takes place in the heart of Greece, Athens. We invite every pilot to fly in from one of the cities listed below. Our partners will fly to Athens in group flights as well. The time given below and the one in the title is the time at which all flights should arrive. Individual pilots have a flight time available in the table below. VA’s can plan their own departure time.With over 260 days of sunshine a year, Greece is the perfect summer destination. From the breathtaking landscape to the epic approach into Athens, you’ll experience it all.


We encourage you to fly as realistically as possible, as the event will take place on the expert server. IFATC will be present so please follow all instructions. Here is the most important event information.

IFATC Coverage

Frequency Controller
ATIS 136.120 @Russian_Dream_Pilot
Ground 121.750 @Russian_Dream_Pilot
Tower 118.675 @Russian_Dream_Pilot
Approach 132.975 @NJ24
Departure 118.950 @NJ24
Center 128.000 @Kyle0705

Athens Charts

Click here.

Airport: LGAV
Server: Expert Server

Our Partners

Our anniversary would not be complete without our partners. We are very proud partners of several virtual airlines that cover InfiniteFlight’s skies every day. Here are the partners who will fly with us to Athens

@QatarAirwaysVirtual brings Arab hospitality to Greece. We look forward to meeting you in Athens. Find out more about Qatar Airways Virtual here.
One of the most popular routes to Athens is from London Heathrow. @BritishAirwaysVA will meet us with their pilots in Athens. Find out more about BAVA here.
Germans particularly like to travel to Greece in the summer. @LuftyVirtual will join us with a group flight from Frankfurt. Find out more about NSV here.
Abu Dhabi, one of the most interesting cities will be connected to Athens thanks to @Etihad_Virtual . We look forward to meeting you! Find out more about Etihad here.
Italians and Greece are two beautiful neighbouring countries. @virtualalitalia will connect Rome with Athens on this day. Find more Infos about Alitalia Virtual here.
The beautiful Scandivania are not neglected either. Thanks to @virtualsas , they are also connected with Athens. Learn more about SAS Virtual Group here.
@WizzVirtual also joins our event. They are flying in a group from Kutaisi to Athens to meet us there. Find out more about them here.
Addis Ababa is also connected to Athens! In doing so, @Ethiopian_Virtual will join us. A route with very interesting scenery! Find out more about Ethiopian Virtual here.
@GOLVirtual flies in from Rome with an Aegean VA codeshare. We look forward to seeing you too. Find out more about GOL Virtual here.


Flights Into Athens

Airline Airport ICAO Aircraft Block Time Pilot
Aegean Larnaca LCLK A320 01:50H @askrdl
Aegean Corfu LGKR A320 01:00H @GLITCH_GAMES
Lufthansa Munich EDDM A320 02:25H @Mollel.kid
Brussels Airlines Brussels EBBR A319 02:50H @T1MMY4L1F3_YT
Swiss Zurich LSZH A321 02:35H @B6_Andreas
Swiss Zurich LSZH A321 02:35H @NibaPlanesYT
Air France Paris LFPG A320 03:10H @Captain_Sid
British Airways London EGLL A321 03:40H @Skonert
EasyJet Milan LIMC A320 02:30H @Finnishboy
Transavia Eindhoven EHEH B737 03:05H @MainSky
Emirates Dubai OMDB B777 05:10H @yash_raj1
Eurowings Düsseldorf EDDL A320 03:00H @Aaron_Drake-Worth
Scoot Singapore WSSS B787 11:40H @Andy_Nss
KLM Amsterdam EHAM B737 03:15H @PATOU95
EgyptAir Cairo HECA B737 02:00H @Rohith_Krishna
LOT Warshaw EPWA B737 02:30H @Aniket

How long has the Parthenon been standing on the Acropolis?

  • 420 Years
  • 1200 Years
  • 2500 Years

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You can comment on your desired flight below. More flights will be added as needed. If there are any questions about the event, feel free to contact us. If you want to apply as a pilot at Aegean Virtual, feel free to check out the links below. We hope you enjoy the event and that we will see you in Athens. Stay safe!

Website · Handbook · Trailer · Application



Looking forward to it!!!


Looking forward for great Event at Athens😍


Great thread! Would be delighted to join on behalf of Etihad Airways Virtual!


Requesting this one!

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Thanks all! @yash_raj1 , you’re signed up, thank you for joining!

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Requesting this route please:

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Can I fly in from Larnaca please, and as your Turkish neighbour congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!!


@Rohith_Krishna you‘re signed up! @askrdl Thanks for the kind words, appreciated!


Thank You! :)

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Can I have the Lufthansa flight from Munich?

I will take the flight from LGRP!

@Mollel.kid It’s yours. Thanks for joining!

Cant wait haha

Could I get this one please?

Hello! I know there’s not this flight in routes but I would love if you can add it!
Can I please be in the route to Singapore with Scoot?
I really love Greece

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Hello @Finnishboy , the flight is yours. Thanks for joining!

@Andy_Nss We are glad to hear that and added the Scoot connection for you!


Omg tysm!!!

Thank you so much! See you in Athens

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First of all congratulations for one year of VA Operation, we are happy for that and for being our partners.👏🏼👏🏼 We will mark our presence at the event. good flights to all😃👍🏼