25JUL20 / 1900Z - The Freedom Flight by United Virtual Airlines @ EGLL

The Freedom Flight

By: United Virtual Airlines

Although the Fourth of July has passed, United Virtual would like to celebrate America’s Independence with a significant flight. We will be departing from London and fly to the U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C. United Virtual has a vast selection of aircraft for you to cross the Atlantic in. We hope your available to join us at this event with our pilots!

Event Details

Departure Airport: EGLL

Arrival Airport: KIAD

ETE: 07:18

Time: 2020-07-25T19:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Signing Up

Non-UVAL Pilot Signup - @name/gate
UVAL Pilot Signup - @name/UVAL000/gate

Gate Assignments

21 Gates Left

2A Remote
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate 209 United 777-200ER
Gate 210 United 777-200ER
Gate 211 United 777-200ER
Gate 212 United 777-200ER
Gate 213 United 777-200ER
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate 217 United 767-300
Gate 218 United 767-300
Gate 219 United 767-300
Gate 221 United 767-300
Gate 224 United 767-300
Gate 226 United 767-300
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate 231 @CPT_Bambi United 787-9/-10
Gate 232 @United10 United 787-9/-10
Gate 233 @Dylan.Winklosky United 787-9/-10
Gate 249 @Bobby_Burg United 787-9/-10
Gate 248 @Patrick_Gallagher United 787-9/-10
Gate 247 @Doublefg United 787-9/-10
Gate 247 United 787-9/-10
Gate 244 United A350-900
Gate 243 United A350-900
Gate 242 United A350-900
Gate 241 United A350-900
Gate 239 United A350-900
Gate 238 United A350-900
Gate 236 United A350-900
2B Remote
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate 258 @United2 United 777-200ER
Gate 257 @Pingu United 777-200ER
Gate 256 @Jake_Ferrer United 777-200ER
Gate 255 @CaptainWally United 777-200ER
Gate 254 @Bryan United 777-200ER
Gate 253 @DIEGO11 United 777-200ER
Gate 252 United 777-200ER
Gate 251 United 777-200ER

Important Info

  • All Flight details will be released the day before the event in a group message.
    It will include the following info:
  1. Pushback times.
  2. Flight Plan.
  3. Taxi route.
  4. Charts.
  5. Speeds and altitudes.
  • Spawn in at your assigned gate 15 minutes before your pushback time.
  • UVAL is not responsible for any ghosts.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be professional.
  • There will not be IFATC as of now.
  • Follow all instructions given in the group message’s.

Extra Info

United Airlines
London Heathrow
Washington Dulles

  • United Virtual Pilots please check the #events channel on the UVAL slack for the flight time bonus information.

Event Host

United Virtual Airlines


United Virtual brings the Friendly Skies to the Infinite Skies! Our VA is here to provide a realistic route database and booking system to reflect United’s real-life operations! With Hubs in Denver, Houston, Newark, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington-Dulles, Los Angeles, and Guam, the entire world is truly at your fingertips! As for our community, with UVAL you can meet and fly with people from all over the world, all while being able to grow as a pilot and aviator through our training and classroom channels, to make sure all of our pilots are educated to the highest level possible. Everyone has a place in UVAL. Apply to United Virtual at http://www.unitedvirtualairlineif.com/HOMEPAGE/hnk/blog.html

Come fly the Infinite Skies with United Virtual!

Event Partners

Message @United10 if your VA would like to partner with UVAL for this event.


Haha first one to sign up. This one please! @United2/UVAL224/Gate 258

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I’ll take this one . UVAL382

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I’ll take 257 please!

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Jake_Ferrer / UVAL352 / Gate 256

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@Dylan.Winklosky | UVAL331 | Gate 233

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I would like to make this event. United 30/240. Captain Burg

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Can I get gate 254 @Bryan

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Sorry, meant Gate 249.

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@Bobby_Burg no worries!

This one please! UVAL299

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Can I get this one please! UVAL397 @Doublefg

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@CaptainWally I put you down for 255 since 254 was taken.

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