25JUL20 / 1900Z - SUNSHINE FLYING Fort Lauderdale Flyout @ KFLL

Fort Lauderdale Flyout
Welcome to sunny South Florida! Today on my first ever fly out we head to Fort Lauderdale! This airport is located in Broward County and serves as a major city in the JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit Airlines market! Please join me as we explore South Florida! This flyout series will take us all around the world! Flyout will happen every 2-3 weeks! I hope you enjoy this flyout and I hope to see a lot of people as we fill up FLL!


NOT SPONSORED BY LYVA, but all of their pilots get 2 bonus hours for signing up @elal-virtual

This event will be on the Expert Server and starts at KFLL. The time below should adjust to your time zone!


Airport Map And Chart


Which airline with a hub at FLL do you think is the best? Vote below!

  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

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Now: on to the gates!

Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
A3 Southwest Baltimore 737-800
A4 Southwest Denver 737-700
A5 Southwest Chicago-Midway 737-800 @ord777flyer
A6 Southwest New York LaGuardia 737-700
A7 Southwest Boston 737-800
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
B1 Southwest Louisville 737-700
B2 Southwest Houston Hobby 737-700
B3 Southwest Washington Regan 737-700
B4 Southwest Atlanta 737-700
B5 Southwest Dallas Love Field 737-800
B6 Southwest Montego Bay 737-700
B7 Southwest Nassau 737-800
B8 Southwest Tampa 737-700
B9 Southwest Orlando 737-800
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
C1 United San Francisco 737-800
C2 United Newark 737-900
C3 Allegiant Concord A320
C4 United Chicago 757-200 @Pilot_Felix
C5 WestJet Calgary 737-700
C6 Allegiant Knoxville A320
C7 Alaska Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
C8 Alaska San Francisco A320
C9 Alaska Los Angeles 737-900
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
D1 Delta Salt Lake City 737-800
D2 Delta New York-JFK A319
D3 Air Canada Rouge Ottawa A319
D4 Air Canada Rouge Toronto Pearson A319
D5 Air Canada Montreal-Trudeau A321
D6 Delta Minneapolis A319
D7 Delta Atlanta 757-200 @DeltaCs100
D8 Delta Boston 737-800
D9 Delta Detroit A321
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
E1 Norwegian Oslo 787-9 @Sam73628
E2 American Dallas A321
E3 Norwegian Paris Charles De Gaulle 787-9
E4 American Chicago OHare 737-800
E5 JetBlue Boston A320
E6 American Charlotte A320
E7 Azul São Paulo Campinas A330 (Generic) @DanVenezuela
E8X Norwegian Barcelona 787-9
E9 American New York-JFK 737-800
E10 American Washington Regan 737-800
Concourse F
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
F1 JetBlue Newark A320 @RitzRegis
F2 JetBlue Washington Regan E190 @Zac_Penson
F3 JetBlue San Francisco A321
F4 JetBlue New York-JFK A321 @charrison
F5 JetBlue New York LaGuardia A320 @AviatorNikola
F6 JetBlue Portland A320
F7 JetBlue Charleston E190 @anon74260613
F8 JetBlue Los Angeles A321
F9 JetBlue Salt Lake City A320
F10 JetBlue Saint Martin A320
Concourse G
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
G1 Spirit Medellín A321 @AGForLife
G2 Spirit Chicago O’Hare A321 @Pingu
G3 Frontier Trenton A320
G4 Spirit Baltimore A320 @Javier_Arnau_Avila
G5 Spirit Atlantic City A321 @Steven_Tellmann
G6 Spirit San Pedro Sula A320 @Jafet_Zuniga
G9 Air Transat Vancouver A321
G10 Spirit Las Vegas A321 Reserved For NKVA
G11 Spirit Newark A321 Reserved For NKVA
G12 Bahamasair Nassau 737-700 (sub for -500)
G13 Air Transat Toronto Pearson A320 (Generic)
G14 Emirates Dubai 777-200LR @Daniel_Steinman

(Extra Gates Will Be Added If Needed)

Sponsorships Are Available! @virtualBlue @SpiritVirtualAirline


If you do it like this |-|-|-|-| it should work

Can I take gate D5, but to Montreal?

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You got it @Pingu!

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Hey can I have this one?

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Of course @LoneStarAviation!

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Thanks! Can’t wait!

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May I take a flight to MDW please

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Sure @ORD777flyer you have A5!

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Can you add a door to San Pedro Sula.

Alright thanks man

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Ok, would you like to sign up for it?

No problem!

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I’ll take this

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Could you switch the destination to SKRG @CaptainZac

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Sure! No problem

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Yes, please

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Ok you got it!

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All yours!

Gate E1 for me please

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