25JUL20 / 1600Z- Flyout at The Now Busiest Cargo Hub @ PANC

image Summary: this is my first event and i wanted it to make it special by doing something nice. i saw this ideo by Sam Chui saying Alaskan airport ‘Ted Stevens’ airport in Anchorage is now the most busiest airport. Following that i wanted to make an event so, here it is! I also wanted to do an event to an airport which is not regularly visited.

Server: Expert
Airport: Ted Stevens intl airport (Panc)
Gates : Any existing cargo route from Anchorage

Gates:North Gates 1-10 : any jumbo plane such as 748 or Md11-f
Gate 1 @Captain-787 Cargolux-748 to KLAX
Gate 2 @anon77793723 Cargolux 748 to KLAX
Gate 3 @Dreadjack888 (CLXVA018)Cargolux 748 -KLAX
:North Gates 11-14- any special livery as nasa 747 or C-17
:North Gates 15-18 DC-10For A330F
:North Gates 24-27 777F
Gate 27 @anon38496261 Southern 77F to KCVG
Gate 26 @Austrian001 Southern 77F also KCVG
:North Gate 28-33 Spare gates
Passenger Gates will be added if there is demand
i will be sitting at the departing runway for photos


I will take any gate Cargolux B748 to KLAX,

I saw that video too lol

ok it is my first event so might take me some time to sign you up .
Also Thank you for Joining

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is the time correct for you?

I didn’t know states could be airports. ;)

ok there might be techniccal difficulties ok?

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Could I get a Gate to LAX/KLAX in a Cargolux Boeing 747-8


For me, it just shows a date, no time.

Is it ok now?

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Yes, it is ok :)


Hello Ritesh I’m public relations manager for Cargolux Virtual I was planning for a great PANC flyout to honor teh covid workers and cargo haulers 😥😥
Can u pm me pls…

@anon38496261 check this out, you might want to join

i was thinking of pming him ,but you beat me to it

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ll check it out.

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Awesome looking event! Can I please get North Cargo 27 but in a Southern Air 777? (this is where they park in real life)

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can I have the same as @anon38496261. Southern Air 777

May I have a gate to VHHH in a Nippon Cargo 747-8F? Thank you!

Can I know where your destination is ?

For the Southern Air 777? I’m going to Cincinnati (KCVG)

Are you also going to KCVG?

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