25JUL20/1500Z-Lihue flout @PHLI


Lihue airport is one of many international airports in Hawaii. It is located on the northern most island. Its 2 major airlines that serve there are Hawaiian and United.

Expert server
July 10 at 1500 Zulu
Please spawn in 10-15 minutes before event start so you can make a flight plan.

Gate Selection-

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
3 717-200 Hawaiian Honolulu
4 717-200 Hawaiian Hilo
4A 737-900 United San Francisco
5 777-200ER United Denver @Bryan
6 777-200ER United Los Angeles @CptCalvin437
6A 737-800 Southwest Oakland
7 737-900 Alaska Seattle
8 777-200ER Japan Air Tokyo Narita
9 777-200ER United Denver @Tommy_Dean
10 757-200 Delta Salt Lake City
10A 737-800 United(New Livery) San Francisco
Cargo 20 MD-11F UPS Anchorage
Cargo 21 MD-11F FedEx Oakland
Cargo 22 MD-11F FedEx Memphis Via Oakland

If there is not IFATC then please use Unicom correctly. If there is IFATC please listen to them and follow their instructions.

Please stay Safe and have fun at this Lihue flyout!

Hey looks like a cool event but this must be in #live:events but you’re not at the required trust level which is TL2. Keep contributing to the community and you’ll be there in no time :)

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Hey there! Thank you for your post!

Please have another look at this!

Events should be made 30 days from the event that you choose!

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ok ill fix that

My bad I hit the wrong one. I am Trust level 2

Oh yea. The first badge a saw was basic.

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Hi, can I get Gate 6 to LA please?) Thanks!

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Of course, thanks for being the first to sign up

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Can i get gate 9 to denver pls?

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Yep I’ll sign you up