25JUL20 / 1500Z easyJet Virtual and Partners! London Gatwick Fly-Out @ EGKK

easyJet Virtual and Partners London Gatwick Fly-Out

With @VirginGroupVA and @NorwegianVirtual



Airport: London Gatwick Airport (EGKK)
Server: Expert Server
Date and Time: 2020-07-25T15:00:00Z(Automatically converts to your Timezone)

Airport Information

The Fly-Out will be hosted from Gatwick Airport a hub for easyJet, Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian who are both brilliant Partners of @easyJetVirtual and we are so thankful for this chance for the community to get involved in our Partnership and see what our Virtual Airlines are really about.

Here is some information about Gatwick Airport


Gates are open to everyone on the Infinite Flight Community! Please have a look through our destinations and maybe reserve a gate! We would all love to see you!

If signing up from a VA please provide your Callsign as well as IFC username, more Gates will be added showcasing more routes if there is a high demand for the event! We cannot wait to see you there!

easyJet Destinations and Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
46 A320 Gibraltar LXGB 2hr50 @AviatorNikola
47 A320 Fuerteventura GCFV 4hrs @anon77793723
48 B787 Calgary (WestJet) CYYC 9hrs @ThomasThePro
49 A320 Inverness EGPE 1h15 @KevinKinsella
50 A320 Glasgow EGPF 1hr10 @charrison
51 A320 Edinburgh EGPH 1hr10 @Collins4486
52 A319 Isle Of Man EGNS 55mins @MJP_27
53 A320 Prague LKPR 1hr45 @BritishAirways001
54 A320 Amsterdam EHAM 40mins @DanG387
552 A320 Marrakech GMMX 3hr45 @Joshbaker
553 A319 Pula LDPL 2hr10 @Finn-14
554 A320 Gibraltar LXGB 2hr20 @morganparsons
555 A320 Kos LGKO 3hr30 @Josh_104
557 A319 Lyon LFLL 1hr25 @easyWig
559 A319 Nice LFMN 1hr45 @cptlogue
560 A320 Tel Aviv LLBG 5hr15 @15shawo
562 A320 Gibraltar LXGB 3hr10 @DJHTmusic05
101 A320 Dalaman LTBS 4hr10 @Rilej_aviation
113 A320 Geneva LSGG 1hr50 @PATOU95
112 A319 Innsbruck LOWI 1hr30 @cooperdjones
111 A320 Funchal LPMA 3hr45 @Pontso
109 A319 Copenhagen EKCH 1hr35
107 A320 Rome Fiumicino LIRF 2hr @NoahBe
106 A320 Aqaba QJAC 5hr @Tobyc
105 A320 Lisbon LPPT 2hr50 @mark.gregor.jaaska
104 A320 Enfidah DTNH 3hr20 @AdamMarcOyston
64 A319 Innsbruck LOWI 1hr 15 @GLITCH_GAMES
65 A320 Aqaba QJAC 5hr @JasonG
66 A320 Aqaba QJAC 5hr @Alfiebc2003
Virgin, Norwegian and Other Codeshare Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination ICAO Airline Flight Time Pilot
110 A380 Dubai OMDB Emirates 7hrs @Bradders777X
13 A350 Hong Kong VHHH Cathay Pacific 12hrs
15 A350 Taiwan RCTP China Airlines 12hrs
16 B789 Seattle KSEA Norwegian 10hrs
17 B789 Los Angeles KLAX Norwegian 11hrs
19 B772 Bermuda TXKF British Airways 7hrs @Lil_Seedy_Boi
21 B772 New York JFK KJFK British Airways 7hrs
10 B738 Warsaw EPWA Norwegian 2hrs
11 B738 Gothenburg ESGG Norwegian 2hrs @Pilot_Waters
12 B738 Nice LFMN Norwegian 1hr50 @Pilot_Dan1
13 B738 Vilnius EYVI Norwegian 2hr40
14 B738 Budapest LHBP Norwegian 1hr30 @Colelee083
15 B738 Oslo ENGM Norwegian 2hr15 @Tsumia
16 B738 Faro LPFR Norwegian 2hr50
133 B744 Antigua TAPA Virgin 8hr45 @Jack_Q
135 B744 Bridgetown TBPB Virgin 8hr35 @Robert_Thomas1
145 A333 Bridgetown TBPB Virgin 8hr55
144 A333 St George’s TGPY Virgin 11hr10
143 A333 St Lucia TLPC Virgin 11hr20
142 A333 Piarco TTPP Virgin 9hr40
141 A333 Orlando KMCO Virgin 9hr10
140 A333 Orlando KMCO Virgin 9hr10
170-176 Jersey EGJJ BAVA 20mins Pilots linked below

BAVA Pilots: @DanielOConnor @Kyle @mcfccallum @DannyHL


easyJet Virtual founder Artem Frolov set this Virtual Airline back up in 2018 & since then we have come such a long way & we couldn’t be more proud of the achievements we have accomplished. Since September 2019 @easyWig took over the role as Chief Executive Officer. easyJet Virtual strives to be one of the top Virtual Airlines on Infinite Flight. We have such a diverse group of pilots from all over the world & we also cater to anyones needs to make sure that everyone is happy & enjoys flying with us painting Europe orange.
We are very active within the community & we are growing at a rapid pace!

easyJet Virtual Website | Join easyJet Virtual Here


Virgin Virtual Group

The Virgin Virtual Group is not your average VA. Our emphisis is on providing a fun and relaxing environment for pilots to socialise and have group flights with. Upon joining, you can expect a friendly welcome from GreetBot, shortly followed by a welcome from our staff and other pilots. Our easy to understand welcome document explains everything you need to know and can help you get set up with our Crew Center in no time at all. So why not join us today? Head over to our website and start or continue your virtual career flying the fun way.

Virgin Virtual Website | Instagram

Norwegian Virtual

Norwegian Air Virtual Website | Join Norwegian Air Virtual

Thank you for visiting our event thread NOTAMs and information will be published in an event chat 24 hours before the event time

To reserve a gate please comment below!


Amazing thread! So glad to be partnered on this event with @VirginGroupVA & @NorwegianVirtual it’s going to be great! Can I please take a standby easyJet gate? Anyone will be fine!


Looks amazing! Can I take gate 59 down to Kos please? I’m sure this event is going to be great!


Is there any way I could get a flight to Nice, France?


Could I have gate 57 to Pula ?


Of course you can! I will add that in right away 😁

easyJet Virtual CSO

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May I have a gate for the destination of Funchal. EZYVA198.


I’ll take the easyjet flight to Pula. Gate 57
I’m EZYVA120


@Finn-14 you have been reserved Gate 57 to Pula, lovely route!

@Pontso you have been reserved a gate to Funchal on the easyJet A320!

@GLITCH_GAMES you have been reserved Gate 66 to Pula!

Thanks everyone for signing up!


Hello there. Please could I have three South Terminal gates for myself @mcfccallum and @Kyle down to Jersey. We will all be in British airways A319s representing the wonderful British airways virtual ;)


I’ll take this one please!

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Of course! Can’t wait to see you there!

~ @15shawo

Kalm. What gates we got?:)


We are currently adding your gates to fit the event plan,


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Sound bud👍


Hello, please could I also join Kyle and the rest of the group? - BAVA120 🙂


Please could I get gate 106 to Aqaba, my callsign is EZYVA373 :)


Looks soo cool, can I take gate: 106 to Aqaba please? Thank you.


Love this! Please can I take Gate 106 to Aqaba. Thank you! 😁✈️


Cheers boss can’t wait