25JUL20 / 1500Z/1600Z - A Balearic Island flyout series (Pt.3) @LEIB

Two weeks to go!

Make sure to sign up for this event, and make it a good one! It is the final of the series so I’d love to see Ibiza full for both waves! :D


Can I have this please?

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Yes sure! One of my favourite routes on there :D

See you there

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Ill take gate 19A

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All done, see you there!

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New Sponsor: Ryanair Virtual

I am very pleased to be having @Ryanair_Virtual sponsor my final Balearic Island flyout, they are a brand new and active VA so I am looking forward to seeing their pilots at Ibiza in 10 days!.


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I’ll take Gate 22 Wave 1 to Madrid! FRVA123

Sure! See you there :)

I will squish in the last space left. This Ryanair Gate please, Wave Two. thanks! image

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You are signed up, see you there!

could i have GA03 TBM to Weston EIWT

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For which wave?

wave 01 please

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Can I take this one? It is at the 1500 z wave.

Very nice choice, see you there!

@Charlieab29 its actually EIWT its not EIWE could you change that to EIWT please

Typo. Changed for you.

thanks bro

Just one week to go!

In a weeks time, it will nearly be time to kick off the final Balearic island series event. There are still gates to be filled, be sure to come along!

Add me up to gate 24 to Munich please