25JUL20 / 1000Z - Landing by the Reef @ YBTL to YBCS

Landing by the Reef

Welcome to Landing by the Reef, for this event we will be travelling from Townsville to Cairns in the mighty Dash-8, however, this is no ordinary event at the end of the flight we will be having a landing competition to determine who is the true king of the Dash 8.

You will be graded on three main criteria: Centreline, the overall smoothness of your landing, and your approach. Each pilot will receive a score out of 30. Good luck to everyone!

Departure Airport: Townsville (YBTL)

Arrival Airport: Cairns ( YBCS )

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400

Departure Time: 2020-07-25T10:00:00Z

Flight Time: 50 minutes (approx.)

Flightplan: YBTL TL 1828S/14636E PEWEE 1730S/14625E BARIA SUNNY BENJI 1637S/14538E YBCS


Make sure to request a gate simply by replying to this topic.

Gate Pilot
Gate 01 @Alex_E
Gate 01A @TimR
Gate 01B @Charles_S
Gate 02 @Oli_H
Gate 03 @Jamie_Walker
Gate 04 @Infinite_Josh
Gate 05 @CaptFoo
Gate 06 @Josh
Gate 08 @Marcel001
Gate 09 @Austrian001
GS Stand 101 @VH-VCQ
GS Stand 102 @CanadianNorth
GS Stand 103 @FiniteFlying
GA Hangar 2 @RileyBozina
GA Hangar 3 @Watt
GA Hangar 5 @Captain-Baddywolf
GA Hangar 6 @Adam_S
GA Hanger 06 @Harsha44
GA Stand 3 @CaptainBradley
NAACEX Hangar 1 @sam2875
NAACEX Hangar 2 @Mexinschweiz
NAACEX Hangar 3
NAACEX Hangar 4

More gates available if needed

*Additionally, check out our thread here.


Sign me up!

I will take a gate! Thanks :)

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@Charles_S @TimR you’ve both been signed up. See you there!

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I’ll have a gate!

You’ve got Gate 2. See you there!

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I’ll join thanks

You’ve got gate 3. We’ll see you there!

Can I have a gate please

Sure thing. Gate 4 is all yours, see you there!

me i wanna a gate pls thx

Hello, you’ve got gate 5. See you there!

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roger that cheers mate

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could i get a gate ?

Sure thing, you’ve got gate 7. We’ll see you there!

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A gate please! Looks great!

sign me up. Hopefully I don’t crash. I’m not really good with the Dash 8.

@Marcel001 you’ve got Gate 8

@Austrian001 you’ve got gate 9.

Good luck to both of you and we’ll see you there!

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Sign me up please

We’ll see you there. You’ve got GS Stand 101