25FEB24: The super Sacramento Flyout DEPARTED

@Topgottem cargo gate 1 can hold and MD11! What airline and destination?

Seattle and you know the airline

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Roger that

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this one please

@Shane_Rossler amazing choice

Hi United403!

Hello there @Santiago_Gallego

Are you looking to sign up for gate?

What are you Pinging me at random

Yep… but @United403

Switching to SLC

@RagonDragon Roger

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I don’t think that’s a “random ping.” You posted on his event, so it’s reasonable for him to assume that you may have wanted a gate.


10 days left
🏛️ ✈️🏛️🇺🇸

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This is my home city but I won’t be able to attend due to oversleep + too lazy to do flight


Event is in tomorrow 🥳🥳🥳✈️✈️✈️
Just one more day to sign up and reserve a gate

Can I switch FedEx feeder C208 to Oakland?

Can I take this one?

@MPH258 @Prestoni all changes have been made

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@Shane_Rossler @MPH258 @CedricFlys @Mort @Wonderousbuilder641 @Apple_Haye @Crunchymonkey12345 @Javery_Mclean @PhorzaSky @MANDELA @Ryan_15 @anon87523340 @Bay_Area_Aviation @RagonDragon @Corsair747 @Fatool @Topgottem @Prestoni @Butter575

This event is in 1 hour!! Please begin spawning in at 2024-02-25T15:45:00Z