25FEB24: The super Sacramento Flyout DEPARTED

Ill take this

@Fatool @PhorzaSky you both have been added

I’ll take this

@Apple_Haye amazing choice

Keep filling up Sacramento 🍇🏙️✈️🏞️🏛️

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I’ll grab this one!

@Bay_Area_Aviation Roger that

Gimme this one

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@RagonDragon Roger that

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Can I get this

@Crunchymonkey12345 ofc 😛

Keep filling up Sacramento ✈️✈️

I will bump this

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could I take this one? Nice to see my hometown airport getting some love btw haha

@Corsair747 welcome back to the community! I’ll get you signed up right away

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Can I take Gate A5?

@CedricFlys most certainly

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Switching to Portland

Roger that

@Corsair747 @Fatool y’all stole the MD-11 gates:<
*unhappy Topgottem noises