25FEB23: First Ever Fargo Flyout

I’ll take this one then, looks like a cool flyout and awesome location!

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I appreciate it
I will get you on your way to Las Vegas
Sorry about the ATC

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It’s all good @Ryan_Carney glad i could join

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Event Bump!:)

Would it be ok if this event switched to Expert Server

  • Yes
  • No

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this poll will be closing in 48 hours

event bump

Everyone that is signed up please press going

Can I request an aircraft change to the E175

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Attention the poll has closed and this event is now switching to expert server

Can I switch to this gate with a destination change to Las Vegas

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@RagonDragon your welcome 😉

right away

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Also please mark going if you are singed up for a gate and can still go with the server change

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Big Fargo Bump

Lets get some more signups

please press going if you are signed up for a gate

I would this one pls

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of course so glad you could sign up=)