25FEB21 / 1400Z - Holiday Showdown @EGKK - TBPB {CANCELLED}

Holiday Showdown

Event Summary

On Thursday I’ll be doing a Holiday Showdown Between TUI and British Airways. I picked this route because TUI does NOT fly out of Heathrow, but British Airways usually flies LHR-BGI-LHR. TUIfly UK flies seasonal routes from Bristol, Bournemouth, London-LGW, Manchester and Newcastle. I realize that almost no one goes to Most Places within the Caribbean. The only places people fly to is Saint Maarten and San Juan. I want to ADD diversity to the Caribbean.

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Airport(s) : EGKK & TBPB
Time: 1400z or 10:00 AM Barbados Time

NOTAMS: Copy FPL from 8P-BAJ
I will not be responsible for any violations earned
Spawn 10-15 minutes until departure
There will be a PM Made.


Remote 64 - @N489DN
Remote 66 - @FlyIf_0011IFPA

GATES 573-

GATE 568-

GATE 563-

Remote 157 -

Remote 159-


British Airways Section

Remote 131

Remote 140-

Remote 143

Remote 145

Remote 160

Remote 152


21FEB21 / 1400Z - Holiday Showdown @EGKK - TBPB

May I travel to the past please? :)


Wow my tired pea brain

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Lol had to be Bridgetown

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you know it!

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I’ll join, can i use the tui 787?

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Yea sure! remember to use gates N because TUI flies out of there

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Sure thing! See you there, can i just have the estimated flight time?

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8 hours (10 c’s)

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Awesome, thanks!

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Hi I‘d like to do this Route with BA, any gate :)

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Unfortunaly I read that this event takes place at 25th March and not in February, so I won´t be able to do this tomorrow :(

oh, thats unfortunate.

EVENT Cancelled-

I have 0% confidence it will go well

Sorry to hear that, better luck next time.


But you also cancelled the last fly-out, which was also from TBPB. That one got so many sign ups and this one is getting some as well. You have to have confidence

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