25DEC20/1000Z- The Andes to Germany to The Alaskan Mountains! @ SCEL to PANC Via EDDF (Cancelled)

                                    The Andes to Germany to The Alaskan Mountains!

Join me flying from Santiago (SCEL) to Anchorage (PANC) with a stop over at Frankfurt (EDDF) This flight will take about 24 hours but you don’t have to do both legs you can choose one.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Lufthansa A350 (It is kinda the only livery that works for this route lol)

  • Route: SCEL to EDDF (leg 1) EDDF to PANC (leg 2)

  • Time of Departure: SCEL spawn time: 2020-12-25T09:50:00Z EDDF spawn time: 2020-12-26T01:15:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information:

Leg 1 is 15 hours and leg 2 is 9 hours.
My callsign is VH-DEV so copy my flight plan
ATC will probably be present so please obey all instructions
People doing leg 2 only you might have to wait a bit for leg 1 people to get ready

                              See you there!

Let’s get at least 1 sign up guys!

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