25APR21 / 1600z - To Rainy Seattle @KSFO (CANCELED)

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Today I am flying from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA. If you would like to join me details are below. And if there are any IFATC members reading this please also ready below! I hope to see you guys in the sky!

Aircraft-Embraer 175
Gates I’m Using: KSFO:TBD KSEA:TBD
Rules-Be professional, maintain 5NM spacing, no going through anyone else or you may be reported!
(If there are any IFATC members reading this can you please open Seattle so we have ATC. Thanks!)

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This is a great event, however

This should be placed in #live:groupflights. You are Basic (TL1) and you are allowed to post there.

Happy flying!

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Yeah I know I forgot to change that! I’ll change that!

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Reply if your joining!

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