25APR21 / 1600Z - SIGNUPS CLOSED: Celebrating 10 Years Of Infinite Flight - @KLAX

April 25th, 2011 was the day that an idea turned into a reality. Our two founders, Laura and Philippe had been working at NVIDIA and decided to collaborate on a project that would eventually become a profitable business with a growing staff team and community.

Since then, the simulator has grown exponentially. In 2020 alone, Infinite Flight has had

Live Info

  • 10.4 Million online flights
  • 9.3 Million online flight hours
  • 1.1 Million ATC sessions
  • 9.9 Million ATC operations
  • 2.6 Billion XP earned

App Updates

  • 3 major app updates
  • 71 new or reworked aircraft liveries
  • 5 new aircraft builds
  • Dozens of features added and/or reworked

You can read more about 2020’s in-app accolades here:

The 10 years that Infinite Flight has been around, 6 of them were spent in the original regions of Infinite Flight Live. There were many regions, consisting of Amsterdam, Caribbean, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Hawaii, London, Miami, New York, Oshkosh, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, SoCal and Sydney.

The most popular region of these all was (and still is) SoCal, which housed KLAX, KSAN, KPSP, and KNUC. For this celebration, we will be revisiting this area of the world, and performing a fly-out at the world’s busiest origin-destination airport.

Event Details

Server: Expert
Date and Time: 2021-04-25T16:00:00Z (1600Z)

Infinite Flight has played a large role in my life. I’ve always had an interest in transportation, though I never actually took it on until I downloaded Infinite Flight. I began playing in 2016, when the world was small and consolidated to a few scattered regions across the world. Although I may not have appreciated it at the time, but this was still incredible for a mobile flight simulator. There were very few simulators out there that could even compete with the pre-global world of Infinite Flight. There were still many high-quality aircraft, some of them are still in the simulator today.

I distinctly remember the day Infinite Flight pushed out the global update. It was an October day, and I had school. I got out from school, and the first thing I did was download the global update. I was in 6th grade. Now I didn’t realise initially, but the joy that I felt from seeing the evolution of the simulator was probably one of my favorite moments. And this joy of seeing things change taught me to understand my love for aviation and how large of a role it would play in keeping me happy.

I joined the community in 2018, almost 3 years ago. In my time here, I’ve met so many great people that have changed me as a person, and helped me mature through my childhood. Even getting yelled at may not feel great, but it will bring useful qualities to the table down the line. I’m so glad I’ve been able to get involved with the community and meet all of these great people.


Terminal 1 - Southwest
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
9 Southwest 737-700 Reno, Nevada 1:30 @WilsonLYT
11A Southwest 737-800 Albuquerque, New Mexico 1:50 @Leon_Av2648
11B Southwest 737-700 (Illinois One) Las Vegas, Nevada 1:10 @GDent06
13 Southwest 737-800 San Francisco, California 1:30 @KSS
14 Southwest 737-800 San Jose, California 1:25 @Infinite_Ec
15 Southwest 737-700 (Desert Gold) Baltimore, Maryland 4:40
16 Southwest 737-800 Chicago, Illinois (Midway) 3:55
17A Southwest 737-700 Denver, Colorado 2:10 @redacted
17B Southwest 737-800 Dallas, Texas (Love) 3:00 @Ashaan_Andy_Asif
18A Southwest 737-700 Phoenix, Arizona 1:18 @AviationFreak
18B Southwest 737-800 Austin, Texas 3:00
Terminal 2 - Delta
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
21 Delta A321 Detroit, Michigan 4:20 @Tyduz
21B Delta 737-800 Las Vegas, Nevada 1:20 @PappaHotel
22 Delta 757-200 Washington, DC (Reagan) 4:27 @Aviation108
23 Delta 737-900 Seattle, Washington 2:54 @noku2005
24A Delta 737-900 Minneapolis, Minnesota 3:34 @captain_trooper
24 Delta 757-200 Kahului, Hawaii 5:47 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
25 WestJet 737-700 Calgary, Alberta 3:10 @Sam_D206
26 Delta A350-900 Sydney, Australia 14:50 @WRL_Kubica
27 Delta A319 San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 2:34 @travelingcornstalk
28 Delta 757-200 Kona, Hawaii 5:45 @tyleraviator99
Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) - International
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
130 Aeroflot 777-300ER Moscow, Russia (Sheremetyevo) 11:45 @kit_v_kapushone
131 Xiamen Airlines 787-8 Xiamen, China 15:00 @Pilot51
132 KLM 777-300ER Amsterdam, Netherlands 10:15 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
133 Aeromexico 737-700 Mexico City, Mexico 3:30 @JetSuperior5192
134 Air France 777-300ER Paris, France (Charles de Gaulle) 10:50 @Texan
148 ANA 777-200ER Tokyo, Japan (Haneda) 11:50 @ran
150 Korean Air A380 Seoul, Korea (Incheon) 13:30 @barbadian
151 EVA 777-300ER Taipei, Taiwan 14:40 @Jukker
152 Lufthansa A350-900 Frankfurt, Germany 10:55 @Helzluis
153 Virgin Australia 777-300ER Sydney, Australia 15:10 @Javiation_491
154 SWISS 777-300ER Zurich, Switzerland 10:55 @KaramSodhi
155 SAS A350-900 Copenhagen, Denmark 11:10 @Elias.ma11
156 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore, Singapore 17:50 @tjb0709
157 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai, UAE 15:53 @Joshbaker
159 British Airways 777-300ER London, England 10:15 @Lachlanavitor
Terminal 4 - American
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
40 American A321 New York City, New York 5:21
41 American 777-300ER Miami, Florida 5:17 @MJP_27
42A American 737-800 (Astrojet) San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 2:25 @Neto_Campelo
42B American A321 Charlotte, North Carolina 4:43 @Aviation2929
43 American 777-300ER Sydney, Australia 15:10 @Robert_Thomas1
44 American 757-200 Dallas, Texas (Fort Worth) 2:57 @Ahmed1
45 American A321 Chicago, Illinois (O’Hare) 3:47 @Captian_Bryon
46A American 737-800 Mexico City, Mexico 3:30 @nyim_glenn
46B American A321 Boston, Massachusetts 5:31
47A American 737-800 Saint Louis, Missouri 3:42
47B American A321 Kona, Hawaii 5:30 @Herald_Stevenson
48X American 777-300ER London, England (Heathrow) 11:50 @MKT
Terminal 5 - American, Spirit, JetBlue, Frontier, Allegiant
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
50A American 737-800 Dallas, Texas (Fort Worth) 3:00 @daan0411
50B American 757-200 Kahului, Hawaii 5:47 @Southwest0012
51A American A321 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5:20
51B American A321 Charlotte, North Carolina 4:40 @USA_ATC
53A American 737-800 Mexico City, Mexico 3:40 @Avianca05
53B American 737-800 Raleigh, North Carolina 4:41 @10R80_Daily
54A Spirit A321 Chicago, Illinois 4:04 @Pilot_Felix
54B Spirit A320 Houston, Texas (Bush) 3:15
55 JetBlue A320 San Francisco, California 1:29 @Pingu
56 JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5:23 @Hops_the_Rabbit
57 Frontier A320 Orlando, Florida 5:07 @airplaneboi
58 JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5:23 @CaptainZac
59 Allegiant A320 Provo, Utah 1:44 @DeltaFox
Terminal 6 - Alaska, Viva Aerobus, Air Canada
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
60 Alaska 737-900 New York City, New York 5:39
61 Alaska 737-900 Seattle, Washington 2:54 @nativetoalaska
62 Alaska 737-900 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 4:53 @Da-la_nay
63 Alaska 737-900 Kahului, Hawaii 5:47 @RomR_Aviation
64 Alaska A320 Las Vegas, Nevada 1:15 @Nightt
64B Viva Aerobus A320 Guadalajara, Mexico 3:12 @Rich_PJ
65A Alaska A320 San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico 2:25 @YoungPilot1
65B Alaska 737-900 Honolulu, Hawaii 5:47 @axquaxtic
66 Alaska 737-900 Kona, Hawaii 5:45
67 Alaska 737-900 Newark, New Jersey 5:17
68A Air Canada A319 Calgary, Alberta 3:20
68B Air Canada A330-300 Montreal, Quebec 5:18 @if.globall
69A Air Canada 777-300ER Toronto, Ontario (Pearson) 4:28 @KpoA320
69B Air Canada A319 Vancouver, British Columbia 2:48
Terminal 7 - United
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
70A United 737-800 Houston, Texas 3:15 @zion89
70B United 737-900 Cancun, Mexico 4:29 @Zachsurf
71A United 757-200 San Francisco, California 1:15 @geauxsaints
71B United 737-800 Lihue, Hawaii 5:49 @Lapis
72 United 787-10 Tokyo, Japan (Haneda) 11:50 @Rolls
73 United 757-200 Newark, New Jersey 5:17 @Andrew_Yates
74 United 777-200 Honolulu, Hawaii 5:50 @Ikaika_Boi808
75A United 757-200 Newark, New Jersey 5:17 @Danilo_Henrique
75B United 737-800 Sacramento, California 1:30 @YoungPilot1
76A United 737-900 San Francisco, California 1:19 @SB110
77 United 777-300ER London, England 10:15 @N489DN
Terminal 8 - United Express
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time Attendee
80 United Express CRJ-200 Redding, California 2:15 @David_Mullen
81 United Express CRJ-200 Eugene, Oregon 2:21 @MainSky
82 United Express CRJ-700 Medford, Oregon 2:20 @anon36731834
83 United Express CRJ-700 Bozeman, Montana 2:45 @plane_guy12
84 United Express CRJ-700 Hayden, Colorado 2:23
86A United Express CRJ-200 San Francisco, California 1:13 @bbhusty
86B United Express CRJ-200 Santa Barbara, California 0:45 @tunamkol

I’m glad you took the time to review this event, and I hope to see you there. Feel free to leave any comments you may have on your experience with Infinite Flight, how you got here, and where you look to go in the future.


I’ll take this pplease :)

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All signed up! Thanks for coming.

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Thanks for signing me up! Can’t wait!

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I’ll take the Seoul gate

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Wow! Amazing event!

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May I please snag this one? Thanks in advance

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Not a problem! Thanks for coming.

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I’ll take gate 42B of T4 please

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All signed up!

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Reserve for me, pls. We’ll have ATC?

I’ll grab this gate for a 15h round trip :)

can i have this gate

Hey, Looks like a really good event. Is there any chance i could change the Qantas 787 Gate to to Sydney to a Virgin Australia B77W. Thanks in advance :))

All signed up! That’s the plan, no confirmation yet, though.

Sure, signed up!

I’ll add you in now.

Of course! Thanks for signing up.


Great event, I just cannot find a flight to honolulu lol (I must be blind)
Where is it?

I don’t think there is one :)
Kahului, Lihue, and Kona are beautiful as well though

Ok thanks, I was going to take Kahului as the replacement to Honolulu anyway so I will take that

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This please