250 under 10,000 feet

I don’t get the 250 under 10,000 feet when that rule does not apply to real aviation. I was tracking a family members flight yesterday and on the way in they were at 7000 at 309kts

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Was that mph?

Well it’s to prevent anyone from going supersonic at 1,000 AGL.

I believe it does apply to real aviation, hence why it’s represented in the simulator.

It only tracks ground speed so you can have a massive 50 knot tailwind but still be under 250 knts. It’s A faa rule.

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It applies to real life.

No it was knots.

It was probably ground speed.

Yes, it applies in real aviation

That’s ground speed, not airspeed :)


250 knots ground speed doesn’t necessarily equate to 250 knots airspeed, the latter of which the rule is based off.

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It does apply to real world aviation. If you went over 250 knots in real life get a phone number to call when you landed

I know, so they could be going 300kts ground speed but be at 240kts IAS.

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Some aircrafts can request an exception depending on weight IIRC. I may be wrong.

Well they were landing in a tropical storm in Norfolk VA at 1245 am

At higher altitudes air is less dense, so even when airspeed stays the same, groundspeed will increase as you go higher. At 10k feet 250 kts airspeed is about 300 kts groundspeed

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Ok thanks for info

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