250 Mile Cross Country Highlights

Thought I would share some epic shots from my most recent cross country (5+ hours long)

First off the bat is an epic view of the sun reflecting on a lake

Second is a sunset view that you simply can not beat

Third is a night shot that I can’t believe came out so good (ICT in background)

And fourth is hands down my best picture yet

Thats the highlights, I’ve got a bunch more but we’ll save some for a later.


oh wow These are very good!

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What was the cool route that you did if you don’t mind me asking? Looked like a nice flight! 😎

250 miles in a Cessna ouch I would have had to stop halfway to stretch my legs and get a break

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My favorite one! What route did you do? 👀

Had to get gas in Ardmore so i got to stretch just a tad.

Bonus photos:

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