250 KTS Limit

I wonder does this apply for Jets (F-14/18/22)

Do you know how hard is it to keep those jets from going above the limit 😔

Yes it still applies. Just don’t use too much throttle on fighters.

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It’s 250 knots, not MPH :)


Also outside of airspace of an airport, it does not apply to fighter jets, but around airports, it does

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Is that true and if so how far from airports do you need to be?

You have to stay under 250kts under 10000ft. Aerobatic maneuvers aren’t allowed within the vicinity of an airport. Speed rules still apply if you’re under 10000ft, regardless of how far you are away from an airport.

Wow, you have a lot of questions.

What’s classed as in the vicinity of an airport?

Im not 100 percent sure, but probably the outside ring around the airport on the map.


Go above 10,000 there is no speed limit there

Correct me if I am wrong but I think it’s the radio range

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As @Bryan_Gainey said, I think that if you are not within the rings of an airport airspace, you may exceed 250 kts in a fighter. (I was just in a F-22 for FNF and going 300-400 kts below 10000 w/o violations). So at least for the F-22, as long as you aren’t within an airport vicinity (again, I believe it is the airspace rings but I’m not sure), you can go faster than 250.

I’ve just done a test on advanced and done acrobatics and went over 300 knts with no violations. So I’m assuming as long as you outside the blue rings your ok. Happy flying all!

Woah!so it isn’t a bug or something…I’ve noticed this…i never got warnings!so is violations too!?i couldn’t risk to find out!let me try it out

I believe it is the towers radio range, just to be clear though all commercial aircraft have to obey the 250 knts everywhere below 10000. I was in the spitfire when I tested it out

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